Thursday, April 16, 2009

So here we are... I think of myself as semi-hip to the social/interactive world, but have never tried blogging, so here I am, and here we go....

We recently survived Easter weekend...on Good Friday I took the kids to get spring pictures made. This was mostly for Tyler's 14th birthday. But he was gracious enough to share the shoot with his baby sister & brother. It was for Will's 9mo. pics, too. And I didn't have any professional pics of all 3 kids together, so I scheduled an appointment at Portrait Innovations. I had been there for Meredith's 6mo. pics, but never went back. Now I remember why.

Now it was probably poor planning on my part, but I really didn't think about the rest of the population trying to get Easter pics done on Good Friday. When we walked in, with double stroller and all, I thought, oh good Lord help me. I brought my M-I-L with me to be a kid wrangler. Considering the conditions, the kiddos did pretty good. But long story ended up being a 4-hour tour. The good thing about PI is that they take a million shots, plus you get your photos that day. But it will be a while before I go back.

That night was Tyler's 14th birthday party. It was good--just a few kids...I had planned on 10-15, but knew it was a holiday weekend, and only a few came. I was thankful, really. But they had a good time. They were having fun looking at all our family photo albums. One girl named Becca kept saying, Miss Judith, you are so pretty! I really liked her. I told Tyler he needed to ask her out after she dumps her boyfriend. lol.

Then on to the Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. Will is pretty much clueless right now, but Meredith enjoyed herself. But of course, freaked out at the easter bunny. But we pretty much expected that.

After church on Sunday, Mike's parents came over, along with his sister Vickie, and nephew Brett. (Brett goes to UT Martin, but doesn't like it---GASP! What?! Blasphemey!) anyhoo--I still love him. Then we had Easter/Corey's (my cousin) 40th birthday party at my aunt's that night. Needless to say, we were worn plum out by Sunday night! And our tummies were stuffed after 2 big meals in one day!

Note to self next year: don't schedule the heck out of Easter weekend. I really stressed myself this year, trying to be super-mom, and super-daughter, and I did not take the time to really celebrate what Easter is all about. Forgive me, Lord. Thank you for dying on the cross for us!!!