Saturday, October 17, 2009


August & September flew by--here are a few highlights:

Myself, my mom, Julie, and Kim took all the kiddos (M, W, Jackson, & baby Mady) to see Elmo Live...Now if you know me well enough, I am deathly afraid of clowns & puppets. When I got a glimpse of all the Sesame Street characters on stage, I will admit that I choked up and almost lost it (crying in fear). But I put on my big girl panties and did it. Meredith does not know that I am afraid, and I don't want her to know. I don't want to pass down that fear. But fun was had by all!

Here is a pic from Labor Day...we just cooked out at my mom's house and the kids played in the pool in the backyard...Tyler is such a good big brother!
the Delta Fair!
Me and Mike loaded up M & W and met Julie, Chad, Jackson, and baby Brayden at the fair. It was a little hot, but the kids had a blast. It was good that Meredith & Jackson could ride the rides together...Jackson was leary at first, but good ol' peer pressure made him cave in! They rode the train, and the alligators, the dragon, and the monkey! And of course we saw Monkeys Riding Dogs! And visited the petting zoo.

They got their tickets! Ready to go!

Girls Weekend in Nashville!

At the end of July, me, Julie, Whitney, and Amanda headed to Nashvegas for a girls weekend. We stayed at Hotel Preston, which is a trendy little hotel off Briley Parkway. And us 4 girls had way more luggage for 2 nights than was probably needed. But you never know, right??!!!! A girl must have options!
It was good to get away and hang out. I was quite content in the hotel room, chillin in the bed, watching hgtv and tlc with no kiddies whining for Dora or Calliou. But we got out on the town both Friday and Saturday nights and made lots of memories. We ended up at Wildhorse Saloon both nights--mostly b/c we were re-living our high school days line dancing. I'll spare you the inside jokes and the quote list....but it was a weekend of shopping, hanging by the pool all day burning (me, of course), cab rides, and becoming friends of a certain waitress that we named Mindy (bless her heart).
here are some pics...

July '09--Will's 1st haircut!

July is kicked off every year with a July 4th celebration at Mike's mom & dad's house. It's pretty much a McGee family reunion. The cookout is always held the night of Bartlett's fireworks. His parents live across the street from the Kroger on Hwy 70, next to Sonic. The fireworks are shot from behind the police station/Appling Middle...So we always have a great view. Here are a couple of pics...Will was on the go, so I didn't get a lot of good pics of him. But M was ready to pose.

It was so hot, I hung out in the A/C till time for the fireworks show. Meredith was afraid of the fireworks, so she stayed inside on Uncle Dennis' lap. Will, of course, was not afraid!

But the big milestone in July was Will's 1st haircut. I cried. I knew once those curls came off he would look like a little man. And I was right. I held out as long as I could, but the boy looked like a ragamuffin. Will was really good while Karen cut his hair--like a big boy! Mike's dad came to watch. He's so proud of the little man. Here's a before and after :(

Catching Up

Catching up...Yes, again, its been 3 months. I can never seem to catch up in everyday life, so at least I'm consistent, right?

We've been I'm going to do several posts at one time...highlighting the months I've missed :) Enjoy!