Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girls Weekend in Nashville!

At the end of July, me, Julie, Whitney, and Amanda headed to Nashvegas for a girls weekend. We stayed at Hotel Preston, which is a trendy little hotel off Briley Parkway. And us 4 girls had way more luggage for 2 nights than was probably needed. But you never know, right??!!!! A girl must have options!
It was good to get away and hang out. I was quite content in the hotel room, chillin in the bed, watching hgtv and tlc with no kiddies whining for Dora or Calliou. But we got out on the town both Friday and Saturday nights and made lots of memories. We ended up at Wildhorse Saloon both nights--mostly b/c we were re-living our high school days line dancing. I'll spare you the inside jokes and the quote list....but it was a weekend of shopping, hanging by the pool all day burning (me, of course), cab rides, and becoming friends of a certain waitress that we named Mindy (bless her heart).
here are some pics...

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