Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Spirit--do you have it?

I'm not sure why, but this year it took me a minute to get in the christmas spirit.  I love fall, and thanksgiving--so I always want to give that holiday the credit it's due.  I haven't ever been into the day after thanksgiving rush of shopping and decorating.  I tell myself that on December 1st is when I get in the mode.  Now don't get me wrong--I'm not a Debbie downer by any means!  Hello!  I was voted 'Most Spirited' in high school for a reason!  Maybe it's my type A tendencies that every holiday has it's place in the month for a reason.  When I posted on FB that I was still in the Thanksgiving mode and wasn't feeling the chirstmas spirit, I received a lot of feedback.  But retailers have been shoving Christmas at me since early October and I just want them to slow it down!  For everything is a season....Anyhoo..I digress.

Well, December 1st rolled around, 2nd, 3rd, 4th....and I thought, ok...what is wrong with me??  Why can't I get to the place where the other 95% of the population is (christmas spirit/excitement-wise)??

I even made a Christmas wreath for my mom, and that didn't spur any spirit!

Then on Saturday, the 5th, it hit me.  Julie and I went to the Carousel of Shoppes at the Agricenter.  A lot of the vendors were selling 2 foot wide ribbon made into BOWS for tree toppers!  OMG!  They were gorgeous.  And I am NOT a bow person!  But I HAD to have one.  And so did Julie.  The best part about this bow, is that we paid $10 for a spool, and the lady made us our bows for free!!!   Jackpot!! 

After I got home, all of the sudden, the pumpkins sitting around made me cringe!  So I cleared out all the fall decor and was ready to put my tree up b/c I wanted to decorate with my new bow!   But I looked at the clock and it was 11:15pm.  And hubby was too tired to pull it down. 

So stay tuned for the Big Bow Reveal!   This weekend was crazy, and hopefully I'll get the tree and mantle decorated this week! 


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