Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do you ever have enough throw pillows??

(in valley girl accent)  Um, like, no!

I guess I need to get out more.  Everyone probably knows about these, except me. 

I haven't been to BB&Beyond in a LONG time.  I went yesterday to buy some organizational stuff for the kid's rooms and the pantry, and stumbled across these PILLOW COVERS for only $9.99.  And with a 20% coupon for each one...only 8 bucks each!  (yep...that's my private school education paying off)

I have two of these pillows that came with our couch...and I'm not into geometrics at all!  They have been up in the attic for 5 years.

These are the throw pillows I use with the couch...kid & hubby friendly, but nice enough when company comes over.

But back to the covers....see before...

and after...

These will go great on my bed...b/c I don't have enough throw pillows as it is.  (enter sarcastic laugh) 
Sorry--no pic of the bed...didn't make it this year, this month, today.

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