Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iced In

The snow/ice/sleet/freezing rain started here Friday morning.  So we are on day 2 of being iced in.  Some of the roads are ok, from what I hear.  But it's still dangerous.  There are some crazy drivers out there.  Mike went to go get some diet coke last night.  But it took him longer to de-ice his truck, than it did to go to the store and come back.  My parents came over today.  My mom had surgery last friday night, so she has been in the house for 7 days--itching to get out.  But itching to see the grandbabies is probably more like it.

No pics of the kids in the snow to post.  They were out there maybe 5-10 minutes.  It was just too cold.  And Will didn't understand that he has to keep his hat and gloves on. 

So I've been on the net a lot.  Not a whole lot going on in bloggy land.  I should have taken these days to start painting the kitchen...or painting the bathroom cabinets...but I've been LAZY--and I'm ok with that. 

But my friend Courtney posted some of her little projects, and it inspired me to get one thing on my list done. 

I have recently started a MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at church.  Before my committe was formed, I was brainstorming craft ideas.  (Thank goodness I have 2 craft girls now!!)  But one of my ideas came from Blue Eyed Blessings blog.  She is in charge of crafts for her MOPs group.  I saw this idea, and thought it would be cute for pocket know the ones you see at the drugstores...

TACKY--really...can't they think of cuter things than horses, landscapes, or cats??  But a two-year planner for $1?? I grabbed a few.

I had some scrapbook paper from another project...

And just cut it to size, and voila!  I didn't really need any glue, or modge podge, or tape, since the calendar is in a protective cover.

Sooo cute.  I can definitely live with this for a couple of years...I'm thinking I'll add some embellishment later...maybe with my monogram.  Or a black & white pic of the kids...or some ribbon...

This took all of 5 minutes.  The perfect project for my attention span at 11pm!

Now look...which one would you buy??

That's what I thought.


  1. jude-what a cute idea! and i love anything for $1. thanks for the link to my blog!

  2. ohhhhhh - are we gonna make one of these in our MOPS group?? too too cute!! I have a TON of scrapbooking paper I can bring for ladies to use. I am no longer scrapbooking, I am doing a Project Life album now - much easier and I can actually keep it up to date!! :) I am bummed our MOPS group isnt meeting tonight. See ya in a few weeks!!