Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prelude to Easter

I was listening to K-LOVE this morning on my way to work.  Max Lucado was the guest, and they were talking about Easter--and the meanings of Good Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Yes, I know the story.  Growing up in church 3x a week, most of us can recite it.  But do we really, really, truly understand the impact of this holiday and the importance of this weekend?  Is it REAL to you?  Or do you go through the motions as I have all these years?

What an awesome holiday Good Friday is!  And it seems to get lost in the mix...and it's a day off work that is probably not understood by many. It is a somber day, but the most important day for us as is the base of our beliefs! Jesus DIED for US on that day! He DIED for my petty sins! He DIED for your petty sins!  As this reality hit me this morning, I cried all the way to work.

But then on the 3rd day He rose!  You can't tell the Easter story without talking about the Resurrection.  But you can't talk about the Resurrection without talking about the death on the cross.

As I cried, I remembered my first blog post last year.  Last year for me, Easter was not a celebration. It was a hectic schedule of pictures, easter egg hunts, shopping for easter clothes, and cooking dishes to take to both my parents and in-law easter dinners...And oh yeah, church. 

Last year I vowed it would not be like that again, and that I would slow down, and really teach and respect what the holiday is all about. So this morning, I sit here pondering. How do you teach the meaning of Easter and Good Friday to a 3 year old?? 

Of course I had to do a google search...there were some cute ideas on how to communicate Good Friday and Easter to a toddler...I especially like these 2 ideas. So I thought I would share. I shared them with my MOPs group via email this morning.  I also asked how they teach this lesson to their little ones...??

(I'm a little late on this idea...but I still have some time)
Make Resurrection Eggs

You can buy sets of resurrection eggs or you can make your own. To make your own, label 12 plastic eggs with the numbers 1-12 and fill them as below:

Egg 1 – a piece of fur to represent the donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem

Egg 2 – a cracker symbolizing the Last Supper

Egg 3 – a piece of soap, symbolizing Jesus washing the disciples’ feet

Egg 4 – three dimes to symbolize the 30 pieces of silver Judas received to betray Jesus

Egg 5 – a feather to represent the rooster that crowed three times

Egg 6 – a thorn, symbolizing the crown of thorns that was put on Jesus’ head

Egg 7 – a die to symbolize the lots that were cast for Jesus’ clothing

Egg 8 – a small wooden cross or a nail to represent Jesus’ death on the cross

Egg 9 – a piece of black paper to symbolize the darkness that covered the earth

Egg 10 – a piece of cloth to symbolize the cloth in which Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body

Egg 11 – a rock to symbolize the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb

Egg 12 – Leave this egg empty to symbolize Jesus’ resurrection

You can open one egg a day for the 12 days before Easter It is extra meaningful if you can open Egg 11 on Good Friday and Egg 12 on Easter. As you open the eggs, talk about what each item represents.

Clean pennies

Your children may have difficulties understanding that Jesus died for their sins. First of all, you may need to explain to them that sin is anything we do that keeps us from being friends with God. Bring out some grimy pennies and tell them the dirt on the pennies represents their sin. Then mix ¼ cup of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt. Put the pennies in the vinegar mixture for about five minutes. They will come out shiny and clean! Explain that Jesus makes us shiny and clean too.

I'd love to hear your ideas, too!

Have a blessed weekend! And I pray that you will slow down and focus on the Reason for this Easter season!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lipstick Paint Progress

On Saturday, my mother and I took the kids shopping for easter outfits, then we went to the park to let the kids play and expend some energy.

After putting the kids down for their nap, I thought, hmmm...I'll paint the kitchen real quick before they wake up.

hahahahahahahahahahaha....I'm still laughing.

I had forgotten exactly how much 'cutting' had to be done in the kitchen.  There isn't a lot of wall space, so it's easy to think it's not much. 

I might add that I have become a pretty good cutter.  My Pop would be proud.  He was a painter for many years after his retirement.  I like to think that he might give me a job if he were still alive.  I think about him a lot, and especially when I am painting.  I feel like he is watching me, and wincing laughing at my techniques (or lack thereof).

And I never think about the 2nd coat. 

Long story, short--I started at 3pm, and finished after midnight.  It was worth it!  I love my green kitchen!

Paint used:
Valspar from Lowe's
Interior Satin Finish
Homestead Resort Olive

(I used this color a couple of years ago to paint over the hideous cream ceramic tile backsplash, with fruit--except in a semi-gloss.  So I knew I loved it.  Greens are sooo hard to pick!) 

It looks a little too olive-y here....but it's not!  It was midnight, so I didn't have a lot of natural light.

(btw...the rooster cabinet will be painted soon...and see what I mean about painting the laundry room??)

And here is the best part:

Just look how good my new floor is going to look!!!!

Oh white lineoleum, how do I strongly dislike thee?  Let me count the ways!

Next Step:

Lord help me.  Amen.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the small things in life, you know?

Why must ironing board covers be so ugly?  Ironing is such a laborous task!  (disclaimer: I really don't know much about that, though.  That is what $1.75 cleaners are for!)  But wouldn't a cute cover make it a little better?  Everyone has an ironing why isn't there a huge selection of CUTE ironing board covers available?  google it.  You will be disappointed.

I digress.

Here is the beauty that came with hubby into the marriage.

And if our ironing board was hidden away in a closet, it probably wouldn't bother me as much.  But our laundry room is right off the kitchen, and the door usually stays open, so it's in my line of sight most of the time.

But while piddlin around Tuesday Morning the other day, I stumbled across this beauty, and heard the angels sing! 

For only 9.99!!  It was between this print, and the black/white zebra print.  Ohhhh...why do little decisions like this make me crazy???  I love the paisley, but I love the zebra!  The 'old me' would have bought them both without thinking.  But the 'new me' understands that I do not NEED 2 ironing board covers.  And the reality of taking one back is not going to happen.  So I chose paisley.

And now this is my line of sight into the laundry room...and now I want to paint the laundry room more than ever to make my paisley pop. 

I'll put that project on my 'eventually' list. 

But like I said, it's the small things in life, you know?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work Smart, Not Hard

At work, that is the rule I live by.  I don't mind hard work...but only if I am working hard & working smart.  I am constantly thinking of better ways to do things, tweaking processes, trying to make things simple.  It drives my boss and co-workers crazy.  I don't think that there always is a better way to do things.  And for the most part I believe, if it's not broke, don't fix it.  But I don't think there is harm in trying new ways or new things.  At least you can say you tried.  I'm all about efficiency.

But at home, it's a different story.  I have realized this week that I do not work smart at home.  I work hard when I shouldn't have to.  Mostly during the morning routine. 

I know how to organize.  I know that if I can get bags packed and sippy cups made the night before, that shaves about 5 minutes of running around.  If I can get outfits together the night before, that might shave a good 10 minutes of running around trying to find things.  And some nights, this is accomplished.  But other nights, I'm just too dang tired, and my motivation to do much of anything after the kids go to bed is nill.

One of the reasons I wanted a dresser in the den, is because I wanted to put some of the kid's clothes in it.  In a perfect world, I would put 1 weeks worth of outfits for each kid in it.  And in the mornings, I would just open the drawer, and voila!

Well guess what?!  Sunday night I put 10 outfits together...including bows, underwear, diapers, and socks!  And wow!  How this has helped with the mother/daughter fighting about what to wear!!!  Now she has a choice of 5 outfits to pick from!   (If anyone has any advice on the shoe battle, do tell.  I push for Keds.  She ends up with cowgirl boots.  Whatever.)

The sippy cups were ready...2% for the princess/lactose-free for the Moose..

the bags were packed...

and even the cereal bags were done!  (And no this is not all of their breakfast!  Duh! They each have an Oatmeal Cream Pie for breakfast in their bag---didn't you know Little Debbies are part of the 4 food groups??  hello!  Oats & Dairy!  Ain't no shame in my game.)

Monday morning went so smooth!  And Tuesday morning, we were still happy campers!

Well....some of us at least.   She is her mother's daughter.

One thing checked off the list...

You know those little things that sometimes bug you around the house?? 

Be it outdated brass light fixtures,

moulding dropped below the ceiling from the 80's border craze,  (no, I have not painted my bedroom walls since we moved in)

the duck in the bathroom window (can we say 1988?)

Need I go on??

The hubby and I have not been crazy about our doors in our kitchen.  The back door was ok, but the Moose was destroying the blinds. 

And the door to the garage leaves much to be desired.  But doors are one of those things that just aren't that high on the list.  Because they are, (all together now), FUNCTIONAL.

I have always just wanted 2 half doors that look the same.  But Well, Saturday morning the hubby announced, 'I'm going to Home Depot to get a back door.'.  I said, 'ok, that's cool.  Get two while you're at it.' 

While inside I was jumping up and down like a little girl.  It's the little things in life, you know.  Yay! I get new doors!  (yes, I'm a dork)

Bye Bye Door!

'ello Love! 

The 2nd door didn't fit on the cart at the depot, so we'll go back and get the other one another weekend.

And a special shout-out to my hubby and my father-in-law.  I learned that installing a door is no easy task.  At least not in our house.  Nothing is easy in our house.  It took several hours.  I would have taken more pics throughout the process, but I didn't think it was a good idea to stand around and bug the hubby for the sake of the blog.  The entire casing had to be ripped out.  There was some serious power tools involved.  It was a mess.  So if you thought (like I did) that you just take the door off the hinges, and put another door on the hinges, um, no, it doesn't really work like that.  So thank you again honey!!! 

Now....what can I do with that glass-paned door sitting on the porch...hmmm...Isn't that how it goes?  One project crossed off the list, and another project added to the list!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Decorate around a Flat Screen Part 2

In this post of 'How to Decorate around a Flat Screen', I am in no way providing advice.  I am seeking advice.  Your feedback is welcome and needed!

I was piddling around yesterday, and this is what came out of moving some things around...Tell me what you think.

I started out thinking I would replace the burp cloth the cable box was on, with a placemat.  While digging in my placemats, I remembered I had these babies!  Score!

Here is the left side...I heart p-willow.  And the shells are from a family beach trip.  And I need to put a real family picture in the frame..

On the right side, I used my lenox silver candle of my favorite wedding presents.  But it still needs another something...

So for now here she is...

Stay tuned for part 3:

Something above the tv?
Hiding the wires?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lipstick Kitchen update

Back in November, I told you about my Lipstick Kitchen plan.  And I mentioned something about being finished by Januray?! 

Um, yeah.  No.  Obviously that timeline was not thought out at all.

But when I volunteered to give a baby shower in June, it was just the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear!!!  

I found this idea from Moody Girl Projects
I so want to do this above my microwave! 

And this idea from Pink and Polka Dot

Aren't you excited, honey??!!

Dresser Reveal!

Drumroll please......

Oh wait...let me show you the before picture again...

and AFTER... (keep in mind I haven't decorated yet...and I'll be replacing the burp cloth with a runner)

Wow...what a difference from the entertainment center before.  I can breathe.  I was beyond ready to get rid of the honey oak!

The room is so open now.

I'm so thrilled with how this turned out.

I kept all the old hardware.  I just cleaned it up a little.

(raising my right hand) I , Judith, solemnly promise, that I will never use straight paint again on a piece of furniture.  I will alway use a paint/glaze mixture.  Thank you Anything Pretty.

Like I've said before, I usually start a project good, then get sloppy towards the end.  But I am so proud of myself for taking my time, and being patient.  I even used 3 coats of poly.  I've never poly'd anything before, b/c I'm in such a rush!   Thank goodness...the dresser wasn't in the room for 3 minutes before the Moose started running his cars on it!

And I'm thankful for hubby being patient with me, too.  It's hard to keep looking at a new tv for almost 2 weeks and not be able to put it up!

So, now, the journey continues on how to fill this wall??!! 

I like my oval black metal things.  But I know it's a lot of black right now.  After I accessorize, we'll see how it looks.  I'll keep my eye out, but I'm not committed to changing those just yet.  So stay tuned! 

If you want to see the steps on what I did, and how I did away...
Dresser Project Part 1
Dresser Project Part 2
Dresser Project Part 2.5

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dresser Part 2.5--Sneak Peek

I hesitate to show some sneak-peek pics of the dresser for a couple of reasons:

1.  It's 11:30pm and I need to fold a mountain of clothes on my bed, before I can even get in the bed.
2.  The pics just don't do it justice because the dressser is in the garage and lighting stinks, and my camera flash was acting crazy.

But I am SOOO thrilled with how this turned out.  I can't wait to see it in the den.  Hopefully we can get to put it all together tomorrow night.

Here you go...

Bottom of the dresser...these knicks are a GOOD thing with two toddlers running around.  Our coffee table is distressed, too.  I love how the brown wood grain still shows through the black.

The two-tone isn't this obvious in regular light. 
 But even if it was, I still love it.

That's all you get...hehehe...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dresser Project: Part 2

After searching the blogosphere high and low the past year, I have seen so many different paint treatments.  Some very involved, and some very simple.  I have realized that there is not a real right or wrong way.

I have never heard of liquid sander until this week.   So I went to Lowe's and bought some.  I followed the directions, and finished in no time.

 I used a 220 grit sandpaper, too, on a couple of areas.  Feeling pretty proud of myself, I come inside, and decide to google the liquid sander for giggles.  I am an information junkie, and like to read reviews.  Well guess what.  You get better results if you paint within 1 hour of applying the liquid sander!  Did I mention I 'sanded' at 11pm??  I thought I was doing good...getting one step out of the way before in the morning.  But that is just my luck.

Much to my husband's dismay, I know how to paint furniture.  And I love to paint furniture.  But he does not prefer painted furniture.   But I guess I am always searching for a new, easier way, to give a facelift, without all the chaos that comes with it.  My attention span is minimal, and I ususally lose focus, and end up doing a shotty job.

But I love the treatment Jenny used at Anything Pretty.  My honey-glazed cabinets are definitely on my to-do list.  But I knew I could use this treatment on the dresser, too.

I bought some Valspar Clear Glaze, and I already had some Rustoleum Semi-gloss black from another project.

I used a 4:1 ratio.  4 parts glaze, 1 part paint.  Or was it 3:1??  Oh well..

At first, the munchkins were under my feet.  Thank goodness M found a leftover christmas present in the garage that kept them occupied until G'mother & G'daddy picked them up and took them to the park!  Thanks mom & dad!!

Just as a reminder:
Here are some before pics...

After the first coat went on, I have to admit I was a bit worried b/c it was so thin.  But I did like how the brown showed through.

Here are pics after the 1st coat.

And here are pics after the 2nd coat...

Stay tuned for the reveal...after a coat of poly!