Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Decorate around a Flat Screen Part 2

In this post of 'How to Decorate around a Flat Screen', I am in no way providing advice.  I am seeking advice.  Your feedback is welcome and needed!

I was piddling around yesterday, and this is what came out of moving some things around...Tell me what you think.

I started out thinking I would replace the burp cloth the cable box was on, with a placemat.  While digging in my placemats, I remembered I had these babies!  Score!

Here is the left side...I heart p-willow.  And the shells are from a family beach trip.  And I need to put a real family picture in the frame..

On the right side, I used my lenox silver candle of my favorite wedding presents.  But it still needs another something...

So for now here she is...

Stay tuned for part 3:

Something above the tv?
Hiding the wires?



  1. for the cords, check out best buy. they have trim that you attach to the wall (it is flat) and you can paint with your wall color.

  2. I like your decorating style! Cute stuff!

    When do you find time to blog and to blog and to decorate?

    Hope you are doing well this week. I'm praying for you and looking forward to a great week at MOPS!