Saturday, March 6, 2010

On a Mission: Dresser Project Part 1

We have been talking about getting a new tv for a few months now.  The one we have is good, but starting to act up.  So last weekend the hubby went out and bought a new 42" flatscreen and a wall mount.

In the back of my head, I always knew I wanted some kind of dresser, or sideboard to replace the entertainment center.  But of course, we didn't want to pay a lot for it either.  I told hubby I could find something for $50-$60.

So I began my mission to find a dresser on the thrift.  (like I needed an excuse to make my thrift store rounds).

Nothing at Salvation Army #1.  There were several options at Salvation Army #2.  But ALL the dressers were $180 and up.  Seriously.  Ridiculous.  It is a new store.  Very nice.  But obviously they are trying to pay for the new rehab center they just built next door. 

I went to 2 Goodwills, Big Lots, an antique store, a flea market, a furniture consignment store, and a hotel liquidator.  (not necessarily in that order)  But no luck. I found a couple of things I liked, but they were $300.   I searched Craigslist high and low.  But in reality, I didn't have time to be tromping all over M'town, and I needed to measure and inspect before I buy.  (And most of the posters on CL can't take a picture worth crap!)

At one point, Hubby met me up at the SA #2 store to buy one I found. for $180.  Hubby wasn't too thrilled, but the sooner we get one, the sooner we can get the new tv up.

But I couldn't do it. I was checking out, my heart started beating faster, my mind was going back and forth, but I swiped my card, then immediately changed my mind. I couldn't pay that much for a used piece of furniture at a thrift store, and I didn't love it.  I didn't want to look at it everyday, and think about how it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  The check-out girl looked at me like I was crazy.  She asked if I was stressed.  I was like, YES, I'm stressed!  Please void the transaction!

So on Day 6 of this mission, I stopped by my usual GW, just to check again for giggles, and happened upon this little beauty for $79.99.  Woot Woot!!! 

My concern thru this process is that we find a dresser that doesn't look to 'dressery'.  You know, something that doesn't look like it is out of place in the den, and only should be in the bedroom.

So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Now the fun paint, or to glaze...that is the question.  Stay tuned!

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