Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work Smart, Not Hard

At work, that is the rule I live by.  I don't mind hard work...but only if I am working hard & working smart.  I am constantly thinking of better ways to do things, tweaking processes, trying to make things simple.  It drives my boss and co-workers crazy.  I don't think that there always is a better way to do things.  And for the most part I believe, if it's not broke, don't fix it.  But I don't think there is harm in trying new ways or new things.  At least you can say you tried.  I'm all about efficiency.

But at home, it's a different story.  I have realized this week that I do not work smart at home.  I work hard when I shouldn't have to.  Mostly during the morning routine. 

I know how to organize.  I know that if I can get bags packed and sippy cups made the night before, that shaves about 5 minutes of running around.  If I can get outfits together the night before, that might shave a good 10 minutes of running around trying to find things.  And some nights, this is accomplished.  But other nights, I'm just too dang tired, and my motivation to do much of anything after the kids go to bed is nill.

One of the reasons I wanted a dresser in the den, is because I wanted to put some of the kid's clothes in it.  In a perfect world, I would put 1 weeks worth of outfits for each kid in it.  And in the mornings, I would just open the drawer, and voila!

Well guess what?!  Sunday night I put 10 outfits together...including bows, underwear, diapers, and socks!  And wow!  How this has helped with the mother/daughter fighting about what to wear!!!  Now she has a choice of 5 outfits to pick from!   (If anyone has any advice on the shoe battle, do tell.  I push for Keds.  She ends up with cowgirl boots.  Whatever.)

The sippy cups were ready...2% for the princess/lactose-free for the Moose..

the bags were packed...

and even the cereal bags were done!  (And no this is not all of their breakfast!  Duh! They each have an Oatmeal Cream Pie for breakfast in their bag---didn't you know Little Debbies are part of the 4 food groups??  hello!  Oats & Dairy!  Ain't no shame in my game.)

Monday morning went so smooth!  And Tuesday morning, we were still happy campers!

Well....some of us at least.   She is her mother's daughter.


  1. Work smart, not hard.... I like the way your think ! Your kids are adorable.

  2. love the boots. where is her tambourine?

  3. That's an awesome idea! It not only looks good but is more storage!