Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beadboard Cabinets Part 1

Phase 1 of the Lipstick Kitchen was painting the walls.  Mission completed.

Phase 2 is cabinets.  After seeing Rhoda from Southern Hospitality's post about her beadboard cabinets, using beadboard wallpaper, I knew this is what I wanted to do to change the look of mine.  I bought 2 rolls of paintable beadboard wallpaper from Graham and Brown MONTHS ago.  The cost is $25/roll.  Rhoda is actually selling the beadboard wallpaper on her blog now, too.  It looks just like beadboard, and is a fraction of the cost, and is easy peasy to use.

The directions are included, and VERY simple and SHORT.  Just like my attention span.

Before plunging in head first into this project, I took the two doors off the cabinets above the fridge.  Since nothing is in them, and they are covered by stuff accessories, they could be hidden if this project was a major disaster.

I cleaned them up with an Orange Solution de-greaser that we already have on-hand.  I know I am supposed to use TSP.  But I seem to never have my list when I go to Lowe's.

I sanded them a little with a 220 grit block.  Then used the Klean-Strip Sander De-Glosser Sandless Solution after that.

I measured the inset and cut the wallpaper a little bigger, because you can cut away the excess.

You immerse the wallpaper in water for 30 seconds, then fold together to let the glue take effect for 5 minutes. 

Then place into the inset and press out.  Like my 'presser-outer'? 

For the 1st panel I did, I cut the excess before I glued.  On the 2nd panel, I did not cut the excess, and tried to cut it after it was wet.  Don't do that.  Either cut it before, or wait until it's dry.  Here is what happened to mine.  It's not major.  It won't show when it's painted.  So just make a mental note and learn from me.

You have to let dry for 24hours before painting.

Now, rewind a few months ago.  I mentioned black cabinets to hubby a while back, and he said he really did not prefer black cabs.  Ok.  No biggie.  So that is when I decided to do an ivory/cream color, with a black glaze.

After visiting my friend Carla's house the other night, I took a picture of her black cabinets.  I showed them to hubby, just to talk about the plan, and what I was going to do again.

Then he said, 'I prefer black cabinets over white cabinets.'   HUH??  But I thought you said you DIDN'T like black cabs? 

But I think he is scared of white cabinets.  In our first house, I painted our honey oak cabs white.  Looking back, I did a really shotty job.  So I don't blame him for being scared.  But I told him I didn't want to do a stark white, but an ivory, with a black glaze.

So now, the plan is to done one of these doors ivory, and one of the doors black, so we can decide. 

And YOU can help me decide, too!

Stay tuned...


  1. okay I am learning SO much!! I am going to have to try some of these projects myself!

  2. Cant wait to see them painted!! :)