Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beadboard Cabinets Part 2



Hubby is asleep and I can't show him---so I'll show ya'll!

Remember my beadboard cabinet idea?  Read through again if you want to catch up and see how I left them.

I painted one black, and one Rustoleum Heirloom White.  Both satin finish.

I did not like how the beadboard took the black paint.  This is two coats, and of course the flash makes it worse, but it doesn't look good in person, either.  And honestly, in this case, I really didn't want the black to look good, because I'm stuck on this vision in my head for ivory cabinets.  And if I have an idea in my head, forgetaboudit.

The heirloom white isn't too bad by itself.  This is two coats.  I did not prime.  I sanded with the 3M Sandblaster Sanding Sponge 150 grit for bare surfaces first.  Used tack cloth to remove the dust, and applied my first coat and let dry.  Then I sanded with the 3M Sandblaster Sanding Sponge 180 girt for between coats.  Again, used tack cloth, then applied my 2nd coat. 

The doors have been sitting in the garage almost a week.  But I've been too busy to think about glazing.  Until tonight.  I grabbed some glaze and went to work.  But really, it wasn't work at all.

I used two old washcloths--one for the dry application, then a damp one to wipe off excess.  Wipe on, wipe off.  Repeat until you get the look you want.  I applied and wiped twice.

Check out the results.  I couldn't stop taking pictures to show you. 

Can you see the vision??

Look at it with my wall color, and my new floor...

And my hardware...


And you're probably wondering who the heck is Ernesto?  And why are you telling him to eat his heart out?  Ernesto is the painter that re-did my M-I-L's cabinets.  He wouldn't tell me any of his tricks.  Well now I REALLY know why!  THERE ARE NO TRICKS OR SECRETS TO THIS!  Maybe I should think about a career change...hmmm....


  1. HO - LY COW! This is looking so good. you should have gotten mike out of the bed *wink*
    Can't wait to see it all put it together!

  2. You have any tips for cabinets that are just a smooth piece of wood?? I dont have an inlay area or anything - just a smooth solid slice of wood! HAHAHAHA

  3. Yep it is gonna look really really good. I love black, but it sure didn't look good on those doors. The white really looks great.

  4. Stephanie- I have the same issue. I'm planning on using decorative trim to bump up the modernessessess... It's about like attaching picture frames to the door facings. Possibilities abound!!!

  5. GREAT JOB!!! I'm re-doing my mothers cabinets similar to the way you've done yours. Also like you, I can't believe how easy its been. I'd never tell her that tho! LOL!