Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Easter Story

On Thursday, I talked about the idea of teaching the Easter Story to Meredith through the Resurrection Eggs.  12 symbols of the story, inserted in 12 plastic eggs.  In reality, I knew I was pushing it to get this project together.  But I thought I could pull it off.

But you can imagine my relief and excitement when I went to pick the kids up at school Thursday afternoon, and an egg carton was sitting on top of Meredith's bag in the hallway.  On the top of the carton it read, 'The Easter Story'.  This was indeed an answer to prayer!  Thank you Mrs. Kathy!

Here it is...Some of the symbols are different than the idea I saw online, but the story is the same. 

Meredith loves her eggs, and seems to understand the importance of keeping them all together, as to not lose anything.

(there was a small rock in the's already lost, so I grabbed this--obviously doesn't fit in the egg)
The empty egg!  The empty tomb! 
Jesus is Risen!

Happy Easter!

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