Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evolution of a Green Thumb

Do you have a green thumb?  I've never considered myself to have one.  Growing up, my mom wasn't really into gardening or yardwork.  My dad and brother maintained our yard.  When I was in sixth grade, we moved to a zero-lot-line condo, so we had yard men maintain our yard which was only about the size of an area rug.  The only maintenance we had to do was to sweep our back patio.

Hubby loves to be outside, cut the grass, edge, and weed-eat.  (Thank you hubby!)  And so I am very grateful for our nice yard.  When we first got married, I really didn't want anything to do with yardwork.  But my interest did start to grow, but only at the same time my tummy was growing :)  So the past few years I have watched from the sidelines.  But there will be no more tummy growing, and I'm ready to dive in.

As far as flowers go, I'm clueless.  But last year, we planted a few sunflowers in a pot with the Princess, and it was fun to watch her keep up with their growth.  And of course, since watering was involved, she was all about it.

This year, we planted some forget-me-nots. 

Almost 4 weeks later, we're starting to get some green sprouts!

The other night I went to the dollar store for a few things.  But got side-tracked with the whole section of seed packets that were 4/$1.00.  So I snatched some up.  I bought Sweet Williams (how appropriate), Sunflowers, Zinnias, Morning Glories, Snapdragons, and a Flower Garden mix.  I bought 4 packets of each type.  Is that a lot?  Because I don't know.

I bought some potting soil and some containers, too.  (you know I'm itching to spray paint these) 

And I'm sure that the $1 store potting soil doesn't compare to miracle grow.  I'm sure all you master gardeners out there are twitching right now.  Deep breaths. Remain calm.  It will be ok.  I am open to feedback if you want to comment :)  We planted one packet of seeds in each pot.  Is that a lot?  Because again, I honestly don't know.

Oh, and I even bought a cute pair of gardening gloves!

I told hubby that I think I'm starting to get my green thumb!  He's so excited, he can't stand it! (read: sarcasm)

I realize that it takes longer for seeds to grow than it does to drive to Lowe's to buy plants already in bloom.  But I also realize that it's the satisfaction of planting the seeds myself, and in a few months I can say, look what I did!  Just like decorating, painting, or re-purposing furniture.  It would be easy to let someone else do it for me (if I had the money), but it's the feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride that I crave.  For example, I did have a decorator come to the house when we first moved in.  And it's at that point I realized I didn't really like anything she picked out.  Not because it wasn't pretty--because it was.  But I didn't like it because I didn't do it myself, and I didn't pick it out, and it wasn't a trophy score from Goodwill :)  It's the thrill of the hunt, and the thrill of the transformation that makes it so much fun!

The Princess drives me crazy sometimes during this 'I wanna do it' phase.  But in reality, she's just like her mama.  Lord help me.

And another part of growing this green thumb, is not only to share the experience with the kids, but it's a way to spend time with them, too.  When we get home, I'm ready to go outside with them, and this is something we can do together. 

So stay tuned...Here are my before pics!  HA!

We'll see how this little project goes! Now off to goodwill to find some plant stands that need rescuing and a coat of spray paint!!!

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  1. we planted some herbs! cilatnro, basil, and rosemary. the cilantro sprang up in days as did the basil. only have one sprig of the rosemary...whats up with that!? maybe we planted the seeds too deep. anyway, it usually ays that it takes 4-6 weeks for them to start growing but NOPE! not here anyway!