Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mary Violet

Today is the one year anniversary that my Nana passed away.  She was such a neat lady.  You could describe her as stylish, classy, out-going, a hard worker, and independent.  But even more so, she was a strong christian woman, and left a legacy of faith to her daughters and grandchildren that will passed down to generations after her. 

My favorite memories of Nana when I was little was when I would spend the night with her on Friday nights. She would pop popcorn--but not in the microwave.  She popped it in the skillet.  And then we would watch Falcon Crest and Dallas.  She wore house-dresses...beautiful, long, satin house-dresses.  And her houseshoes were gold wedges.  When we would go to bed, she would wrap toilet paper around her hair, clipped in just right so her hair would not be too messed up in the morning.

She was a stylish dresser.  Every outfit was just right, and I don't think she left the house without dangle earrings, at least 4 necklaces, 5 bracelets on each arm, at least 4 rings, and of course, a broach.  She always wore bright pinks, purples, and greens were her favorite.  Although she looked good in any color. 

Her house was always decorated.  I know that was passed down to my mom, and then to me.  So my love of home accessories is programmed in my DNA.  Her bed was always made.  I was never allowed to sit on her bed.  I never understood why until I had kids.

She loved to garden...When she had a yard, it was immaculate.  And of course the flowers were all bright colors. 

She loved to play games...Skip-bo and Chicken Foot were her favorite.

And talk about an independent woman!  Nana had a 25' camper and loved to camp!  She would back her car up, and hook up the camper, and take off!  Eventually, she sold the camper, but Nana was always traveling.  She traveled with groups up until she was 83.

But Nana never looked 83.  At the 'Guess your Age' booth at the fair, the person would always lose because she didn't look a day over 65.  She drove up until a few months before her passing.  But she kept her car in front of her house.  It was her security blanket.  She said she didn't drive.  But we learned after her death that she told a neighbor "I still drive, but my girls just don't know!" 

Nana always said that you should make a new friend everyday.  And she did.  Nana was a friend to MANY!! 

She was healthy for 84.  No major problems.  So it surprised us on Monday, March 30, 2009 when she didn't answer her phone that morning.  My aunt called her a couple of times as she always did each morning to check on her.  So Judy drove over to her house and found Nana unresponsive.  She had had a stroke of some sort, or a brain hemmorage.  She never woke up.  On Wednesday, April 1, 2009, mid-morning, I noticed her breathing was very irregular and labored.  So my mom, my aunts, nana's baby sister, and myself started to sing hymns.  We sang her into heaven.  It was peaceful, sad, and happy all at the same time.  We knew it was a big reunion going on up there!  And we knew she was in the arms of Jesus. 

We know her last meal was that Sunday after church.  She had a hamburger and a piece of cheesecake from Danver's.  This was rare.  Lately, she hadn't had much of an appetite, but that day she ate every bit of her hamburger and cheesecake.

We think her neighbor was the last to see her.  She had gone over to his house on Sunday afternoon to ask him to open her nail polish.  That's my Nana...I'll have to remember that line :) 


  1. Awwwwe, I like Nana. She sounds like such a blessing in your life. So good to have such sweet memories of her.

  2. What a great post about Aunt Mary! I NEVER saw her without a huge smile on her face. She loved bright colors and wore them well. Sweet memories of a sweet lady. :)