Saturday, April 3, 2010

We didn't want the time to end...

On Tuesday, my bestie Susan from college texted us saying that she was coming to Memphis on business and wanted to do dinner on Thursday night with us Memphis chi-o's!  YAY Playdate!  We wish we could have met Harper, Susan's little girl.  She just turned one, but we hope to meet her before her XO initiation ceremony.

Me, Carla, and Lindsey all live within 10 minutes of each other, but only see each other every few months.  Carla had a baby in November, and sad to say, I haven't even seen her, or met little Marshall.  So this get together was way past due.

We ordered On the Border pick-up, and met at Carla's house.  Here are some pics of us...I missed little Taylor, Lindsey's little girl.  Nick picked her up before we got there. 

We stayed way past bedtime, and until the kids couldn't be reasoned with any longer...

The Girls...Me, Lindsey, Carla, and Susan...

Here is Meredith making baby Marshall laugh...

Meredith, Jack, and Will

Yes, my daughter likes to take off her clothes

And the night wouldn't be complete without a self-portrait...

Love you girls! 


  1. Jude, I'm LOL because Marshall was born in NOVEMBER, exactly one week after Meredith's birthday party. I bet you thought he was one HUGE 2 month old!

  2. Oh and send me those pics! Yours turned out way better than mine.

  3. Carla, I meant November!! Geez...sorry!!! LOL!