Monday, April 12, 2010

While You Were Out--Day 3

Saturday, April 10

Again, nothing too exciting today...

More painting...

But it has been decided that Mom and Dad need a new dishwasher, and a new microwave venthood, and a new garbage disposal.  Off to Lowe's and Home Depot!  Tammy & Vickie also picked out a new light fixture for you, and painted the cabinet hardware.

But we are praying that the countertops come on the truck Monday, since they missed the truck on last week.  Crossing fingers...

Funny story of the day:
The painters needed to rinse out their brushes....but the water faucet and hose is in the back yard where Jude resides.  The whole family is scared of Jude.  Jude doesn't like strangers.  And the feelings were mutual, as the painters did not like Jude.

But thank goodness neighbor Tom came to help. Tom has been in the loop on the whole project.  Since he would be feeding Jude and taking care of the chickens, we didn't want him to be surprised with all the activity going on.  He let the painters come over and use his faucet/hose to rinse out their brushes.  Thanks Tom!

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