Monday, April 12, 2010

While You Were Out--Day 4

Sunday, April 11

Hubby & Dennis removed the old counter-top...(insert bugle playing Taps here)

At noon, flooring was took about 5 hours...The old linoleum was ripped out, and the floor was leveled to remove excess glue and such.  We really wanted to put in a pergo, but remember that thing about the house being built in the 40's??  Yeah...couldn't level the floor like it would have needed to be leveled.  So that is why new linoleum was chosen.  But it looks awesome!

Hubby was here all day...and really impressed his sisters with his Mr. Fix-It skills.  They had never seen this side of him.  But this is the reason I married him. Well, not the only reason, but it helped :0  When a toy is broken, Meredith already says, 'Daddy can fix it!'  But I guess his sisters still see him as the little boy and teenager who ran ditches and built potato guns back in the day.  He's come a long way!
There was some slight drama today..

There was some mis-communication about the flooring installation.  We were originally told by the salesman that none of the appliances had to be moved..and that the installer could work around them.  But once on the job site, the installer said, YES, they had to be moved.  So the refrigerator doors were removed to get the fridge through the doorway to the dining room, where it would reside overnight.  All the food was unloaded from the fridge and the freezer so it could be moved.  Then the food was re-loaded once in the dining room. 

The washing machine was also moved to the dining room, and the stove was moved to the front porch, where it sat.  All night long.   (Mom & Dad--I'll just let you take a minute to re-read that sentence again and get a visual in your head)

While un-hooking the fridge, the line from the wall starting spewing water. 

Hubby immediately sprang into action, and ran ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE STREET (approx 75 yards) and shut-off the water main.  Vickie said he ran REALLY fast!  His football receiver training in high school prepared him for this moment.

The line was still leaking slightly....but the plumber was set to arrive the next morning, thank goodness.  Mom, your new towels absorbed the water overnight.  But Vickie will wash them.

Later that night, Dennis re-installed the quarter-round below the cabinets...
It was a long, stressful day.

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