Tuesday, April 13, 2010

While You Were Out--The REVEAL, Part 1

Monday, April 12  7:30pm


She can't believe it!

Lots of tears...we all started crying...but there were lots of smiles and hugs, too!  They had no clue! 

So here are some after pics....Remember...countertops will be installed tomorrow morning...then backsplash on Saturday.  So I'll do another Reveal Part 2 later this weekend.

Dennis made this custom piece to cover the hot water heater.  It's gorgeous!  And will go great with the countertops.  Now it's made to look like it belongs there...


  1. what an awesome transformation. you guys are so cool to do this for her!!

  2. What an awesome thing that yall did! ANd i love love love the cabinets!!!!

  3. How sweet I love the look on her face of disbelief.