Friday, May 28, 2010

15, 3.5, 2

We had family pics taken a couple of weeks ago.  My friend Tracy from Juniper Tree Photography hosted our session. 

I realized I haven't posted much on the kids lately. They are really growing too fast!  

The Teenager just finished his freshman year. It went by so quick.  Tyler is a good kid. He gets up at 5am everyday, and is at the bus stop by 6am. We never hear him. And he has only overslept a couple of times this year. His grades are awesome, and he was inducted into the Beta club last week.  I was one proud step-monster!

Now don't get me wrong, he is a teenager. So sometimes the attitude needs adjusting, and sometimes I think the next 3 years are going to be long ones...but he is truly a good kid (knock on wood), and we love him, and are so very proud of him.

T is involved in theatre, and was one of a few freshmen chosen to be in the spring musical Guys and Dolls. He played several parts, as a Gambler, and a Waiter, and in the beginning/ending scenes he was a Navy guy (what a cutie!!)  He did awesome, and we are so very proud of him!

Sometimes putting into words the funny things that the little ones do or say, and how much they are really growing and learning is too hard.  They never cease to amaze me. Most of the time, me and the hubby just look at each other and say, did you just hear that?

Oh the Princess Meredith!  Her vocabulary is ever-evolving.  Last week she said, 'Look Mom, here's the deal..' (with her hand on her hip).  I'm like, who are you?  And what have you done with my little girl??

She was still in her crib up until a couple of months ago.  I vowed to keep her in that crib until she climbed out.  The day after she climbed out, we took the crib down, and put up the daybed.  Bittersweet.  A rite of passage from baby to little girl, that I have prolonged as long as I could.

(But ya'll know what that means, right?  PROJECT!  I got her a new quilt set from Tarjay, and some new curtains.  But I've got to figure out some storage solutions, and furniture arrangement.  And the hutch is a dark cherry, the daybed is a honey oak, and her nightstand is white.  I've got to get some cohesion in there!)

But the best part about the new bed is that there is room for me!  Now I get to cuddle with her, and sleep with her if she wakes up at night.  She is my cuddler.  We like to give nose kisses, and butterfly kisses at night. 

I think we are through with pacis.  Yes, she is 3.5 and still has had a paci--at night.  But brother has one, so it was hard to wean one, with 50 pacis still hanging around.  But we seem to have lost all of them.  We're going on our 2nd week without one.  She has asked for one a couple of times, but I tell her that we lost them, and that seems to pacify her.  (no pun intended :)

Meredith is a smart one.  Always has been.  She still loves school.  Everyday she tells me that her, Sarah, and Madelynn are going to have a slumber party.  It's funny how girls start making plans like this at age 3. 

We're pretty much potty-trained.  But she wears pull-ups at night.

Our mornings consist of fighting over outfits and me hurting her when I brush her hair.  But she did get a cute haircut, and our hairbrush fights have decreased significantly :)

The Moose is a funny little boy.  The past 6 months have been that really fun phase with him.  He learns more words everyday, and his sense of humor is ever-evolving.  His favorite thing to do is to kick his legs out and just land on his butt.  It's quite funny.  And his favorite word is NO!  It was cute for a minute...but sometimes it's not cute :)  He loves Thomas the Train, and of course Toy Story!

He can count to 20, and knows his colors and shapes.  He loves books, and loves to be read to.  But he is all boy...and to catch him in the right setting to recite his letters and numbers is hard, and doesn't happen often.  So different than a girl!

He will be 2 in a few weeks.  That I cannot believe.  For a little bit, he would say, 'I love you Mom.' (instead of Mommy)  He sounded like such a little boy--not a baby.  But now he's saying mommy again.  (thanks goodness!) 

He is all boy for sure...not a week goes by without an incident report from the pre-school.  Don't worry--nothing major.  Mostly busted lips, busted knees, and scratches that happen when he runs and falls.  But his teachers say that he just gets up and keeps going--the boy doesn't cry.  He wants nothing to do with ice.  For a while I thought he had that thing where he doesn't feel pain (like Tony Dungy's son?)  because he's so tough!  

His teachers are Miss Chelsea and Miss Brittni.  He loves them.  I'll ask him what he learned at school, and he'll say, Chelsea!  No Will, what letter did you learn today??  Brittni!  The little ladies man!

The boy can eat.  I dread my grocery bill in the near future.  He's always thinking about his next meal, or snack.   He comes by that honestly.  He gets that from his mom.  :)

The kids keep us busy...but we are so blessed!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank you CSI Project


Have ya'll seen this new site?  If you haven't, go check it out.  Three of our favorite bloggers combined into one powerblogger team site.  They thought it would be really fun to have a place where other creative-minded people could come and share their projects. And to put a spin on things and add some excitement, they have a weekly theme, a weekly giveaway and a different guest judge each week!

And why am I thanking them?  Today, Amanda, Beckie, and Jennifer all gave their favorite neutral paint color they like to use in their house.  I'm going to go for the Behr Gobi Desert.  Maybe this 7th neutral color will be the lucky one?!  Fingers crossed!

Go check them out.  I might have to enter my kitchen cabinets in next week's challenge.

Hello out there! Can a girl get some help with a paint color?!

I've come to realize that I love to change out accessories and fabric too much to be tied to a color on the wall. That is why I'm changing my Asian Jute throughout my house, to a neutral taupe/tan, so it won't be a big deal to switch out mis-treatments. I have been in a gold/red/green/black/brown phase for a few years now, and it's time to change it up a little.

funny, huh? 

I'm not committed to any of these colors yet.  Unfortuantely, I can't tell you what they are.  I know I should probably paint posterboard...yada, yada, yada...

But seriously, is it that hard?  The guy at Sherwin Williams said a lady bought over 40 samples.  Um, at 5 bucks a sample, that's a pretty expensive decision making process. I'm up to 6 samples.

Help a sister out.  What neutral colors do you recommend??

The lighting is so different in each room it's driving me nuts.  I want something neutral--not too brown, not too taupe.  But with limited green and gold undertones.  A color that looks good during the day, and at night.  Does such a color exist?

Just for the record, I'm not obsessing, even though it may look like it.  These swatches have been up on my walls for months.  Even with company over.  Some days I think about it, some days I don't.  Ain't no shame in my game.  But with 20' celings, I've got to get it right the first time.

I can live with the swatches for only so long.  But I'm at a point. 

Sister girl needs some help.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Need to FOCUS.

The past few weeks have been crazy around here.  Between work and the teenager's schedule, I'm not sure where these weeks have gone.  And I think the kitchen cabinets sucked both the physical and mental energy out of me.

And along with the kitchen project, I've got ideas for the dining room, and the bathroom, and the den. Oh who am I kidding, I've got plans for every room! (hubby is cringing now) 

But being cooped up in the house the past few weekends because of the rain, I have been piddling from room to room..what I like to call Decorating A.D.D.  Just piddling...not really accomplishing anything. 

The other day I read that Stacey at the Blessed Nest was suffering from the same thing.  Her description of getting distracted is so me!  I got out some paper and made my list of what I wanted to accomplish in each room, but focusing on the kitchen first, of course. (I will refrain from publishing my list(s).  I do need the accountability, however, it may stress my hubby too much.  Small doses are better for him :)

Today, I did accomplish a couple of thing checked off the list in the kitchen, and another thing checked off the bathroom list.   Maybe I should have split this post into 3 posts, but oh well.  Try to keep up!

A year or so ago, I bought this cabinet from Big Lots.  I wanted a red cabinet.  Not so much the rooster, but he grew on me.  I always knew I would eventually paint over him.  Today was the day.  After painting my kitchen green, the red cabinet was not cutting it.  

I just roughed it up a little, and used some Valspar Satin Black from Lowes you can buy off the shelf.  Two coats, no poly (yet).  I found this leftover hardware from another project. bonus!

On to the bathroom!

The past few years I have made my own shower curtains.  It's more fun that buying one.  And I like a shower curtain to hang as close to the ceiling as possible.  I can't tell you how many curtains I've had.  The teenager just rolls his eyes every time he goes in there and sees something new.

The other day I was in TJ Maxx wondering around.  When I saw the pattern of this curtain, I liked it a lot.  But I have never used any of the colors before.  It made it all the more intriguing.  I've been wanting to get out of my gold/red/green palette, and this was just the thing to break out of the safe zone.  And of course my mind was racing about how I could change it up and add more fabric, but in reality, the chances of that are pretty slim.

Here was the lastest mistreatment in the bathroom.  I love all the colors, and will re-use the fabric somewhere:

As I was taking down the curtain, I thought, I've GOT to paint this rod.  You see that beige thing?  It's just a beige, plastic tension rod.  I've been wanting to paint it for 5 years.  But today I stopped and painted that sucker.  ORB of course.  (Oil-rubbed bronze, for you ORB virgins)  It made such a difference! 

Here is the new curtain.  What do you think?  Lately, I have been attracted to light and airy.  And I just love the orange, green, and blues.

I did switch out the globes, too, on the bathroom light today.  But didn't have a chance to paint the brass.  It's a small detail, but just one of those things crossed off the list.

What's on your list(s)??

While You Were Out--The REVEAL, Part Deux

It's been almost a month since I shared with you the 'While You Were Out ' series on my in-law's kitchen.  The short story is that they went to Florida for a long weekend, and us kids flipped their kitchen 5 days.  But we didn't quite get finished by the time they got back home on that Monday.  But the countertops were installed the following morning.  The next weekend, we rested.  Then the following weekend, Dennis, Vickie, and Tammy installed the backsplash.   

(You can tell from the date on the pics that I didn't make it back over there until Mother's Day, but just now have had time to post.  My most sincere apologies to my blog-nation.  It's just been one of those months.)

Here are the links if you would like to start from the beginning and see the before pics...
The Set-Up/Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
The Reveal, Part 1

So without further ado...drumroll please..............

It is gorgeous.  And for mother's day Mom got some new goodies for the kitchen.  She loves it.  She loves to just stand in the kitchen and look at everything.  And I'm told she even gets up in the middle of the night to go look at it.  :)

I'll post the products we used soon...just need to gather some more details from the sisters-in-law (ahem, hint, hint).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Cabs Finished....well, almost...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.  Life has been crazy...between work and Tyler's play going on, it's been pretty hectic.  No time for the computer.

But I did finish the kitchen cabinets!  Well, almost.  I just need to trim them out, and trim out the beadboard. I'm having a hard time picking trim.  And I haven't painted the beadboard at the bottom end of the cabs, either.

So here they are...oh--and by the way, I didn't clean up for ya'll.

Remember the before?

And After...


Next step is the countertop and backsplash...I can't wait to tear down that tile.

Here is the backsplash I want to use....thoughts?