Monday, June 28, 2010

My Take on Molding Boxes....


Yes girls.  You heard me correctly.  I know we want to be thrifty.  And I like to be thrifty, too.  But after this project, I might recommend paying for convenience.

I've seen several DIY molding box tutorials that are FANTASTIC!  But after attempting this project, and having hubby finish the project for me, I just want to give my take on it.  Maybe I'm just blonde...maybe my ADD got in the way...I don't know.  If you are a 'rusher', this is not the DIY project for you :)

I had bought a ready-made molding box from Lowe's a few months ago.  They are on a bottom shelf in the trim aisle.  I bought an 18x23 for $12.  They have all different sizes, but thought I would try the bigger dimension for the dining room, just to make sure that is what I wanted to do.

An 8' piece of picture frame molding is $6.  I needed 9 boxes.  One 8' piece would make 1 box.  $54 vs. $108...well, duh!  Picture frame molding please!

We already had a liquid nails, a miter box, and a nail gun on hand. 

I crammed the molding into the Camry and headed home.  My plan was to finish this project in a couple of hours before hubby came home!  Surprise!  And he would be in AWE of my handiwork!

I get home and put the first piece of trim into the miter box.  WTH?  Why won't it cut?  I'm a smart girl with a college edumacation.  But this wasn't going as smoothly as I wanted.  After some fighting with the trim, and the miter box, I got one cut done.  Screw it.  It was hot.  And I was just going to have to wait on hubby.

During this wait time, I realized the trim was wood...NOT the foam trim that others have used, that cuts more easily.  Oh well...that's the story of my life.

Hubby comes home and cuts all my trim pieces.  (18) 23" pieces and (18) 18" pieces. 

Ok...back on I can finish this baby up.  I got it now honey!  Hand me the liquid nails!

Well, after hubby watched me a few minutes, he began to twitch offer loving advice...and a level...and a rag for the oozing liquid nails.

I soon realized I was a little over my head, and my patience was wearing thin.  My 'eye-ball' method has worked good in the past...but not for this little project!

So hubby took over, and I'm so ever grateful (yet again!)  And so thankful for the nail gun!

We came to the last box, but decided to just use the ready-made box.  Here it is, side by side, with our picture frame molding box.  Ready-made is on the right.   

Applying the ready made box was so quick and easy! If we had these, it would have saved us a few hours in labor!

It is an easy project, with a major impact, for minimal dollars.  And anyone can do it!  This project just wasn't a good fit for my personality or attention span!  Something to think about when tackling that to-do list!


  1. ambitious, aren't we? looks so nice!
    hubby rocks, BTW.

  2. I like your project! You go girl!

    Hope you are feeling better tonight...

    We'll do some MOPS talking next week!


  3. Hey Judith! I stumbled upon your blog this morning and I LUV, LUV your dining room re-do molding boxes! They look great!! And I read your previous post about painting your masterpiece and luv it too! I also read in your profile that you like thrift stores... and girl, I've got the best ones here in Northern AZ and I go treasure hunting for decorating bling as often as I can! Isn't it amazing the treasures you can find!!! Hallelujah ya'll, let's redecorate!!

    I'm following along now and hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime!

    Sweet Blessings!