Friday, June 4, 2010

Peel & Stick 'Hardwood' Floor

During this long Memorial Day weekend, and between chasing kids and going to Shiloh, hubby started my new kitchen floor!  Woo-hoo!

I like to refrain using the word 'hate', but I STRONGLY DISLIKED, our kitchen lineoleum.  It was nice and new when we originally walked through the house, before we bought it. But add 3 kids and a dog, well, you know how it goes.  It just got nasty, and I have been waiting a LONG time to cover up the white lineoleum, and this spot that happened in the middle of the kitchen...the week we moved in...that has been staring me in the face...everyday...for 5 years.

In my original Lipstick Kitchen post, I told you about this peel & stick vinyl flooring from Lowe's that looks like hardwood.  It's by Novalis, and the color is Gunstock.  One box = 30 sq. feet.  Right now, it's 98 cents/sq. foot.  I bought it on sale for 87 cents/sq. foot.  And of course after we bought it, I saw it on sale for only 78 cents/sq. foot.  It has only positive reviews on, and it got lots of rave reviews on the GardenWeb Forum.  This is a temporary, lipstick option until we win the lottery.

I bought 9 boxes, but over-bought by almost 2 boxes.  Like I said, one box = 30 sq. feet (or 30 4"x36" planks).  I'll keep my extra boxes.  If a plank gets damaged, we can still pull that one plank up and replace it.

So here is how how we hubby did it.

First he removed the quarter-round trim around the kitchen.

(sorry for the date stamps--my camera kicked the dust, so I used hubby's camera)

Since we were putting peel-and-stick vinyl on top of vinyl linoleum, we had to make sure the floor was clean, clean, clean.

We (ahem) Hubby used this product to clean the floors first. I picked it up at Home Depot. I'm sure Lowe's has a heavy-duty cleaner, too, but I was just closer to a HD.  He cleaned and prepped the floor for 4 hours.  He admits that he probably went the long way about it...but we just don't want the floor to start peeling b/c of dirt!  Plus, the current linoleum was peeling back a bit on the edges, so he cut those edges out, taking up more time as well.

While at HD, the flooring girl recommended an additional adhesive product for the edges, to prevent peeling.  (sidenote: why did I feel like I was cheating on Lowe's while I was at HD?)

Once he started laying the pieces, it didn't take too long.  But cutting around the doorways and door casings took up a lot of time.  But it's also very easy to cut.  You can use scissors, or a razor blade.

Here is another before shot...


And after...

What do you think?

Total cost:
Approx $250 floor (If you don't count the extra 2 boxes, it really cost around $200)
$16 cleaner + adhesive

Shut the front door!

I totally recommend this product.  Google the heck out of 'Novalis Gunstock' and read, read, read.  Read through the reviews at Lowes.  A lot of the people who have posted comments also give good tips on laying the floor.  Most people lay the floor in a day.  It did take us longer, but only b/c hubby worked in increments over several days.

I also need to take this opportunity for a major shout-out to the hubby for this endeavor. In my simple mind, this was an easy, simple solution. But of course, it is never as easy as I think it will be. But I am sooo grateful for his need to do things right!! He endured a lot of physical pain putting this new floor down. If he wasn't on his hands and knees, or sitting for hours indian-style, with his ankle bones pressing into the floor, he was on his side, to relieve the pressure from his wrists, or his ankles, only to put pressure on his hips.


So thank you honey for doing this project!!!! 

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  1. I love your kitchen - I am so impressed with your DIY projects!!

  2. Your floor looks so nice. I have enjoyed watching you get a "new" kitchen. I have this terrible entry way floor. I forget what it is, but I have heard it is some of the hardest stuff to get up. I wonder if peel and stick would work on it?

  3. So impressive! We're laying laminate floors right now. But your price leaves us in the dust, even though we are buying everything on sale and doing it ourselves (how do people hire things done?)

    It's gorgeous with those walls. Congratulations!

  4. It looks beautiful! I want to replace my kitchen flooring and this may be the ticket. I also love the color of your walls--beautiful!

  5. Wow that looks awesome! What a difference it makes and what a great husband! I have a word press blog site now, and it isn't as user friendly as e-blogger as far as following (or maybe I haven't figured it out yet!). So I have remember to go into my old dashboard to see what everyone is up to and was so excited to see what you have been doing. It all looks so beautiful.

  6. What a great transformation. I can imagine how happy you must be.

  7. This is one of the best budget-wise floor change outs I've seen. You chose well -- it looks (in photos at least) like a real hardwood floor and it's a great visual upgrade. Beautiful and well done. Please stop by and get in on our glass vessel sink giveaway (last day!) if you haven't already. Jane F

  8. Thanks for your comments! It does look like real hardwood in person! And one of the best parts is that it is much more QUIET than hardwood! The paint color is from Lowe's--Homestead Resort Olive.

  9. Outstanding! I'm now convinced to take on this project in the future. Looks great! :)

  10. Love the floor--what a great solution. Can't wait to go check out the rest of your lipstick kitchen! I'm your newest follower!

  11. Good job! It looks cool! there are many other decisions that homeowners should do to ensure that the flooring will best suit the area where it is installed.

  12. Your husband's really cool. I'm tellin' ya, it takes a lot of patience to finish the job. I'm also helping my wife. Well, I gotta be honest here, she actually commanded me to do the LA hardwood flooring. She said I'm doing a good progress, too. I also want to have one of those laminate flooring in Los Angeles houses. I think it'll make our house more traditional yet relaxing. Anyway, your floor looks really nice. It's best to consider what kind of flooring to install in different area in the house. You did great!

  13. Hi I still havn't done my floor. Was your color gunstock oak. Your doen't look as dark as the stores does. It looks so good. Have you had any problems with rug stains? Kristin Bailey

  14. I want to thank you for this post! I also recently installed the planks and your writing about the experience helped convince my husband to do it!

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