Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decor Dilemna: Mantle Help Needed

So tonight I was piddlin around on the computer, and thought,'s 12:30 maybe I'll go to bed.

As I walked downstairs, I thought, crap, I was going to put our new family picture up.  I thought I would hang it in the den, but this week I decided to put it on the mantle. 

Now you have to understand that once something is 'decorated' and in it's place and where I like it, it's hard for me to change it up.  I am a creature of habit.

My mantle has looked like this for 5ish years...

I did change it up for fall last year...

Of course from fall it went to christmas
 (sorry no pics..I was never happy with it)...

Then the day after christmas I started to twitch,
and then it went back to 'normal'.

Can you sense my OCD for groups of 3, and for changes in height?  I need symmetry, and balance--especially for round and square. 

So back to the new family picture. 

I know I want it I a rebel, or what? (headbanging-singing 'breakin the law, breakin the law')  The main reason is for lighting.  If the picture was in the middle of the mantle, you can see the ceiling fan lights, plus we have a spotlight over the mantle, too.  So keeping it to the right and off-center reduces the glare.

Long story short...I've rearranged things several times, but I am stuck for 2 reasons:  1) It's 1:30am now and I am tired and can't think, and 2) all my accessories are in the attic which is off of the teenager's room and I'm sure he won't appreciate my decorating this late.

So here is where I'm stuck and need ideas:

I know I've got a lot of dark going's heavy.
I've got more containers for the arrangement,
I know I need to switch out color of candles...
I know I need more texture...
I'm not afraid to layer...

I'm not committed to the candlesticks or arrangement.  I've got lots of accessories to play around with and lots of spray paint...round baskets, round platters, iron, etc...

But I just need a starting point...

Would love to hear your ideas...or if you have blogged about your mantle, send me your links!

Thanks friends!


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  2. I am just like you. It is hard for me to change things up, but I am trying as well. My first thoughts were all the items seem like they are about the same height. Maybe the flower arrangement could be put in a shorter container. Could you just add something whitish around the middle of the candles to off set the color? What about only using the 2 shorter candle sticks and put them next to the framed photo and move the flowers to the left and put something else in the middle? Just some thoughts to try.

  3. When I get like this I just leave it alone for awhile. You have a good eye and you've probably been staring at it too long. Go shopping in your attic for what you think might work and it will come to you. I love your stuff! JenT

  4. I'm with Tracy. you need something to draw the eye down. I'd say choose either the candlesticks or the arrangement and then add the clock back in or something... is your mantle shallow or deep? mine used to be 7 1/2 inches (barely enought to stand up a picture with the "kickstand" - you know what I'm talking about?) so I added another shelf on top (with trim) and you'd never know! So now it's at 9 inches and it gives me a little more room to "layer."