Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vintage Fresh

If you are on FB, you need to check out my friend Suzanne at Vintage Fresh!   Her website is up and running now, too!

Vintage Fresh is all about fresh fashion and style all from recycled resources.  Suzanne loves fashion, and she loves trying to be as green as she can be!

Vintage Fresh is all about taking found materials and turning them into something fresh and new. A few of her favorite materials include sheets, t-shirts, sweaters, shirt sleeves and ties.  From those recycled sheets and t-shirts, she makes the cutest dresses, skirts and shirts for ladies and the kiddos.

She also makes various hip home decor items like wine bottle covers, aprons, baby blankets, pillows and bags.
Look at this dress she made from a vintage mumu!  (My friend Nikki snatched this up before I could get to it!)
And the hottest thing going right now is the recycled t-shirt skirts!

Are you a fan-atic?

Here is my new one!  It fits perfect, and I love the 1" elastic waist!

Suzanne has a little princess who loves her skirts, too!  Check out the ones for our mini-me's!

Anyone going to the beach this summer?

Do you have a country girl?

Or a Daddy's girl?

And if you are going to Disney World, everyone is going to be jealous of you and your little girl.


Suzanne and I grew up together, then moved off.  She lives in North Carolina now.  But she came to town last night for a Vintage Fresh T-skirt party! 

Suzanne had tons of stock (old t-shirts), and party-goers brought their old t-shirts to make into new T-skirts!  It was crazy fun!  And so neat to see how everyone's creativity comes out.  I can't wait to see my new skirts!

Here we are...old friends reunited!  Me, Suzanne, and Nikki...

So friends--while you are at the goodwill or your local thrft store, don't forget to check out the t-shirt section!

Suzanne can make skirts out of mens, ladies, and kids tees custom made for you!  Just pick out 3 tees, and she will create one for you for only $25! 

Do you have old sorority t-shirts?  I still have my bags of XO tees that I never made into a quilt.  Now I'm going to go thru it and see what I can put together for a skirt! 

All of these items above are custom-made (and probably already sold!). But no worries, she posts new creations monthly! No two skirts are the same! Become a fan of Vintage Fresh, and you'll be able to get the updates when new products are available.  She's cranking them out as fast as she can! 

Be sure and tell her that Judith sent you!  I am not getting anything for this.  Suzanne and I are old friends, and I just want to share her talent with everyone!

Happy thrifting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Did you ever get an 'I' in school.  INCOMPLETE.   Sounds so harsh.  What happened to an 'A' for Effort?

But that is what my life in projects is around here these past few weeks--INCOMPLETE.  I have several 'drafts' about these projects waiting to be finished.  But I'm scared it's going to be a while. 

So let me just show you a few of my INCOMPLETE projects...The sad that there is more I'm not showing you.

TDC made these awesome Pottery Barn-copy topiary balls.  Here is mine waiting to be finished.  I guess the rest of Memphis reads her blog, b/c I have been back to Hob Lob 4x to get more of these bushes...and all 4 times...NADA.  sigh.

Have ya'll seen the magnetic menu boards?  Yes...awesome idea.  Here is ours..Not quite complete, but it's functional.  (bleh..ya'll know I HATE that word)  And it has really helped with the grocery shopping and not over-buying.  I did find an alternative solution yesterday, but I didn't buy it.  After seeing this sad attempt in a picture, I will be going back to the store to purchase it.

I've also been working on these thrift store metal trays for hmmm...about 3 months....can't quite get it together.

Oh..and the infamous Lipstick Kitchen to be finished by June 5?  Um, yeah.  Still no backsplash (I have it...just haven't put it up), and no trim around the cabs yet..

Bathroom makeover...I painted the bathroom vanity...but haven't installed the hardware.  I hope I can still find it.  Still need to cover that ugly-A tile (ahem) finish the floor solution.

My dining room makeover...well, to say the dining room table is a catch-all is an understatement of the century.  double sigh.  It's like a freakin-magnet!

Anyhoo...I know I'm not the only one...It's easy to say I could pick one thing and finish it, but what's the fun in that?!  Maybe if I didn't watch the Bachelor Pad and Dating in the Dark tonite managed my time more wisely, I could have been more productive. 


Just wanted to let ya'll know I'm here...just been lurking...planning...stay tuned!