Tuesday, September 21, 2010

South Beach!

This past Labor Day Weekend I went to South Beach with three friends from work.  When the idea was first presented to me, I was on the fence.  I had never been to Miami, and honestly, I just imagined a dirty beach. (for whatever reason, I don't know)  And mostly, because I could do a lot around the house with the money I would be spending.  So I put them off, and put them off, until I gave in.

After giving in, I still wasn't too excited.  But with work pressures piling on, and just general life/mommy pressures, the week before the trip, I couldn't wait to get on that plane!

Here we are about to board the plane....Mayzelle (the funniest lady on the planet), Me, Sarah, & Tracy...

Our gorgeous hotel...If you visit SB, you must stay at Loews!

On our first day we did a little bit of shopping...and of course we had to go to DASH.  If you watch the Kardashians, you know what I'm talking about.

But girls...DASH was a bust.  I knew their clothes were expensive, but we thought we might buy a little something, just to say we bought something at DASH.  They had some little candles...for $42!  I'm talking 3" candles.  Seriously?  And a bottle of water with the 3 girls pic on it was $22.  Um, yeah.  NO. 

And I have to say, the beach was gorgeous!  And the water was crystal blue...you could see down the bottom...and there were no fish nibbling on our legs either!   It wasn't choppy, either...we floated in the ocean for hours.  Our schedule was pool/beach/pool/beach/pool for 2 days.  Ahhhh...

And the vibe in Miami is pretty cool...very laid back...anything goes...it just doesn't matter.  I thought I would be the whitest girl on the beach (I'm either Red or White--no brown tones for me, well, except my freckles)...but I wasn't :)  And it really didn't matter if I was anyway.  Nobody cares.

Here we are before our night outs...These were Sarah's shoes...Sarah can rock some heels.  I lasted about 10 minutes in these before I just walked barefoot down Ocean Drive.   (see--I told you I am white!)

Lots of great restaurants...but my favorite meal had to be my Chocolate Martini and Caramel Cheesecake.  One word = LOVE.  And you read right...my meal.  I did order a salad...only because I didn't want to seem too crazy...but all I wanted was this...

Here are me and Sarah in front of Miami Ink.  I loved that show and have a huge crush on Ami James...but no sign of any of the guys...

I did keep my eye out for David Bromstad...but no sightings :(

A good time was had by all...
Can't wait to go back next year...

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  1. Jealous! Looks like a blast!

    (love your blue one shoulder dress...too cute!)