Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Fall Arrangements

I have been making arrangements and wreaths since I was young.  In elementary school, my friend Nikki and I would go to Michaels and get those little wreaths, and glue ribbon, and wood hearts on them, then put magnets on the back for our mom's refrigerators.  As I got older in high school, I would piddle around and make bigger wreaths.

I started making arrangements probably after college.  I hated to pay those high prices, and knew I could make it on my own cheaper.

Anyhoo...I have an album on FB with my arrangements...and post pics every now and then of what I create, or re-do. 

I showed you my Fall door bucket here...

And with that came requests for me to make more...The first request was from my oldest friend Nikki, herself.   She had her own door bucket...Here is what I made for her...I liked it more than mine!!

I also got a request from one of hubby's fellow officers to make a fall arrangment for his wife.  How sweet is that?!  I took it over to her tonight as a surprise!

Can you tell the term 'less is more' means nothing to me?!

I've also got 2 Christmas wreath orders, and 1 Christmas door bucket order so far for December.  I'm thinking of getting a business license so I can buy wholesale.  Even half off at hobby lobby still adds up.  I know I can buy some wholesale online without a license.  But I really like to see stems & bushes in person! hmmmm...

Any thoughts or comments on the silk arrangment business?   Know anyone who has a business?  Would love to hear your feedback!

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