Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kitchen Changes & A Little Project

Remember how I loved my green kitchen?

 Yeah, well...

I now love my Latte Kitchen.

I don't know how to explain it, but everytime I came home and walked into the kitchen, I felt stressed.  It was like the green was screaming at me.  But now, I feel calm.  Like I can breathe.  Now nothing is competing the green...ahhhhhh...

Hubby thinks I'm crazy.  I probably am.  But ya'll understand.

And here is my 'little project'...I added some ribbon above the window so I can display the kids artwork!  I just tied the ribbon on each end of the rod, and used some leftover mini-clothespins from my Christmas Card Holder project from last year.  Meredith loves to help me choose which of her papers get displayed!

Lipstick Kitchen update:  We still haven't put up the backsplash. 

Yes, it's 6 months past my June deadline...the tiles are sitting in the laundry room waiting.  hmmm...maybe before my MOPs christmas party here next Tuesday night?  ha!  we'll see!

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