Monday, December 20, 2010

A little bit more Christmas decor

Here are just a few shots of our decor this year...

I love what TDC did in her dining room with all her apothecary jars, so I had to copy.  But my ADD kicked in at some point, and I didn't fill each one, but you get the drift :)  PLUS-by the time I got to the stores for the fake snow, it was sold out!  Geez!  Didn't know that fake snow was so popular!  (mental note for next year)

Dear Willow Tree people: why must your nativity sets be so expensive?  Maybe I'll get a new addition to my starter set this year for my birfday, or from Santa...

Our tree...

Dining room chandy..
(I did the kitchen chandy like this, too)

The past few years I've tried to stay in the red/green/white/silver color-scheme family.  (Meredith didn't understand when I told her NOT to put the gold balls on the tree:)

But next year...color schemes are out...Man I want some turquoise and purple and go with my new favorite ornament!

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  1. That sweet little owl ornament is on camryn's tree! I need to go back for more! Love your decor this year