Saturday, December 25, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope Santa was good to you!

This has been a great christmas break!  Work on Monday will be very hard!!

As some of you know, I am a christmas birthday is on the 23rd.  Sometimes I wish I had a summer birthday to spread out the celebrations, but it is what it is...But just know, if you want to give me a birthday present, wrap it in birthday paper!  Not Christmas!  j/k.  (not really:)

So here are a few of my favorite things from my birthday/christmas celebrations this week:

I love my new VS nightshirt from my friend Sarah at work...I have lived in this thing all week!  (mine is purple)  And I look just like this when I lounge around the house.

I usually treat myself to a birthday outfit...I found this sweater at Kohls.  Booo to the small the link to see it.  Love it with my black leggings and suede boots.  sexay!  j/k.  The belt with the chiffon flower really makes it.

New Sally Hansen nail polish...color = Flirt.

And a new jogging suit from NY&C.  They are on major sale right now...go get you one!  I got this graphite gray one...

My sister got me an owl necklance..hootie hoo!  LOVE IT!  And a Hob Lob gc to go with it!  Thanks sis!

My sis knows me so well...One of my stocking stuffers was the best keychain ever... She put my initials on the other side.  :)

For Christmas/bday I got several gift cards to Lowes!  Is it a sign that I'm getting old when a Lowe's GC makes my heart happy?!   Oh, the projects on my list for 2011!  I'll be sharing my decor bucket list with you soon.

For Christmas, I told ya'll what I really wanted Santa to bring me was a new table to be used as my kitchen island.  Santa delivered! 

So excited!  I'll be using some of my visa gift cards at the thrift stores to find a couple of barstools to go under it.  I can't wait to have a space where the kids can hang out with me in the kitchen.  M loves to help me cook, but before this island, it was hard to have her sit on the counter, or stand in a chair next to me.  She was excited for this, too.  She pulled up a chair to stand in and helped me make our breakfast casserole this morning.  (We then put candles in the casserole and sang happy birthday to Jesus--It wasn't a cake, but I think Jesus would appreciate a good sausage casserole on His birthday morning)

I hope you and your family had a great day!  Merry Merry!!

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  1. The island looks great! Glad y'all had a Merry Christmas! We did too! As you know JD has wanted a pillow pet for years and years so that was a huge hit! That boy cracks me up! The only thing that would have made Christmas better was to be with all of y'all!