Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mission: Toy Organization

For the past few months, I have been trying to figure out the kid's rooms.  The evolution of the rooms changing from nurseries to 'big boy' and 'big girl' rooms has made me feel paralyzed.  It happened so fast with the both of them this year. 

I've been trying to figure out what works best in each of their rooms along the lines of furniture placement, and most importantly--toy organization.  But I couldn't dilly dally and analyze options too much longer or I was going to go crazy.

I have learned what has NOT worked:  Toy chests.  Lord, why don't they put that info in 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' book?  Or 'What to Expect Your First Year' book?

I bought 2 cedar chests to use as toy storage when M & W were babies.  I quickly realized that this was not the route to go.  And we have another toy chest in the den to catch toys that come out of the rooms.  I do purge their toys about 3x a year, but again, no real organization of everything.  Those Little People just fall to the bottom-bless their little hearts.

The kids' rooms are normal sized rooms...not too big, and not too small.  But I quickly realized that we have got to organize UP.  Floor space area is minimal.

And especially since Christmas, I have been chomping at the bit to get their rooms under control.  I told hubby to get ready.

I bought (4) 71" 5-shelf bookcases at Target.  They were on sale for $26 each.  And I bought 18 fabric drawers at Target, too. 

First up, Moose's room before: (omg I can't believe I'm showing ya'll our mess)

So embarrassing.  And so stressful!  I pick up their rooms once a week.  And it stays picked up for all of, oh, ONE minute.  I kinda gave up on the every night pick-up.

Here is M's room:

(I think she was playing 'Store' with the babysitter--hence the dress-up clothes hanging from the shelf)

The nursery furniture was this dark cherry--now this mammoth changing table/hutch has GOT to go!

Like M's art wall?  Some of those masterpieces were put up with a glue stick.  Awesome.  (I learned that when princess asks for some tape, I better deliver tape fast--otherwise, she will put it up with whatever other sticky substance she can find) 

And here is the AFTER...after a long day of moving furniture, sorting and organizing...The biggest purge was 2 trash bags of stuffed animals!  I'll have hubby take those to the police station.  Good-bye pet-net!

I'll eventually paint this room...
the blue is leftover from the teenager's 'surfer room' when he was in elementary school. 
It needs to be toned down.

I think this is my favorite wall in the house right now...
I just stop and stare...and breathe...

And if the safety police are reading--
hubby attached the bookshelves to the walls with L-brackets.
note to self: get a bedskirt

goodbye toy chest!
Soon we'll move M's new vanity on this wall

Lots of room to grow

No--the rooms aren't exactly pages out of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, but it works for us.

Whew.  I feel sooooo much better.  It's the small things in life, you know?  And the extra toy chest in the den has been banished.  No more toys in the den!  Everything has a home now.

Even Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  They almost got thrown out today.  But I couldn't do it.  I put them in the trash bag, and I swear I heard Mrs. Potato Head cry, and Mr. Potato Head was trying to console her.  So I put them all back together and put them UP on the their pieces won't get lost again.  But we've lost Mrs. Potato Head's hat somewhere.  Oh well.  She should be thankful I saved her.

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  1. Looks great! I know it was a ton of work but it really looks good. And thank you for saving Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! Had a missed call on my cell phone from them but looks like they got rescued anyway! HAHA

  2. LOL!
    I just purged my kids' rooms over Christmas break, and I did the exact same thing -- I went to throw out Potato Head, and then I put him together with all of his pieces and put him up high.
    Guess how long he lasted? He's scattered all over the house again. :/

  3. holy cannoli! that's a lot of progress in such a short time. good job!
    and i'm glad you spared Potato Head couple, too.
    such good spuds to go too early!

  4. Their rooms look amazing! You did such a great job!

  5. looks great, you did a good job!

  6. wow heir rooms look beautiful now, like out of a magazine! awesome job!!

  7. I love the wall of shelves in both rooms. Where did you buy the shelving?

  8. Adorable rooms! I {heart} canvas bins! I'm a sucker for cute storage. :) THanks for sharing.

  9. Hi! I'm still catching up on challenges and reading others as I go, and wanted to say, WOW! You did an amazing job! I LOVE the tall white shelves! And I really love those canvas bins, I have them in my laundry room. They would be perfect on a shelf like that for Zoe's room. Awesome idea, thanks for the inspiration - and for saving me from a petnet!

  10. Hi again! Wanted to let you know I've found a bookshelf and the canvas bins and will be getting them and putting them in Zoe's room tomorrow. I edited my own blog post about it and added a link back to yours as my inspiration. Thanks!