Monday, January 31, 2011

More Dining Room Changes

I updated you on the dining room a while back with the new Latte paint job + the molding box project.

I finally found a mirror for the dining room!  No major changes...but just switched around some accessories, and of course, changed up the window treatments for the 10th time.  And just so hubby everyone knows, it won't be the last time either :)

I love my red mirror, but wanted an oval or round mirror instead.  I found the oval mirror at TJ Maxx for $50.  A little much for what I wanted to spend, but I knew it wouldn't be there if I left it and came back.

I put my two SLAH sconces on each side, then moved the iron candle sconces to the window wall.

I have been wanting to make a stick & feather arrangement like the Nester...

but just couldn't figure out a space for it.  But after shopping the attic, I found my curly sticks and some feathers.  I love how it came together in the SLAH sconces!

After watching Design Star this past season, the winner, Emily Henderson, said you should decorate like you dress...pick colors and styles that reflect you.  Well, what do I wear a lot?  Black & White!   I love the Waverly black/creme toile.  It's only about $12/yard, but I've been too lazy to order it. 

I found this pattern at hobby lobby for $7 a yard, plus it was on sale for 30% off.  And with the fold & poof method, voila! 

Good right? 

Well, enter Miss Mustard Seed and her new dining room.  I love the Waverly blue/white print.  Hmmmm...maybe I need more blue in my house?    I do wear a lot of blue. and white is good.  I'm content.

Until I went to stupid Tuesday Morning.  Guess what I found?  A package of two 96" Waverly panels for $39.99.    Gah!!!  I left the store.  But I couldn't quit thinking about them, and how I loved Miss Mustard Seed's dining room!  And you know how things go quick at TM!  So I went back and bought them.

What do you think???  It's not the exact print as Miss Mustard Seed, but pretty dang close.

Hmmm...I may have to paint.  Again.  I'm going to accessorize a little, and live with it for a little bit.  We'll see.  Or they may become a shower curtain.  (more to come on that)

This year I plan to tackle my dining room a bit more agressively.  My table & chairs are a bit too contemporary for me (ie, compulsive buy), and too big for the space.  I really need a round/oval table.  And while I do love my cabinet, I'm looking for an alternative--like a buffet, or some corner cabinets.  I think that will open the space up a lot. 

It's hard to form an opinion right now, since I'm just showing you one shot of the dining room.  The lighting in there pretty much sucks.  But you can see my inspiration.

I know I think way too much about these things.  I wish I could stop analyzing.  But ya'll love me anyway, right?


  1. Great mirror!!

    Love both the black/white and blue fabrics! I'll need you to show me your fold and poof method. Hopefully one day I'll get rid of these WM store curtains and get something I actually love!

  2. Ooooo! I love the blue. Great find! :)