Monday, January 31, 2011

Supporting the (Faux) Cause

(this post has been in 'draft' status for at least 5 months now--better late than never, right?)

Back in July, TDC did a post on how to create a Pottery Barn topiary look-a-like for a fraction of the cost.  So I took my happy self to the Hob Lob to make one as well.  I love how TDC supports the faux-cause, too! 

Pottery Barn is pretty proud of their topiaries.  So is Restoration Hardware.  RH's 8" topiary globe is $69.  The small one on the right.  Really?  Seriously?  Really? 

Preserved Boxwood Globe & Tree Topiaries

Anyhoo.  There must have been a whole lot of other Memphis girls with the same idea...because there was only 1 bush left at the Hob Lob when I got there.  I think I went back about 3x in August before I found more of the bushes.

I had bought this beauty at goodwill for a couple of bucks, and thought it was the perfect candidate for a topiary ball.

Poor guy...Waiting for more bushes...

Finally!  A completed project!

Total cost: $16
$2 Urn
$2 (?) Syrofoam ball
$12 Bushes (I used 3-4 bushes)

Eat your heart out PB & RH.

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  1. Love a good knock off! Hey, your new look is awesome..didn't you change your header?

  2. What a great project, yours looks awesome!

    I am stopping by from TGC Would love to have you take a look at my project, too : )

  3. Your topiary looks AWESOME!!! I just did one...but mine is much smaller and after seeing yours I think I should add more sprigs. :)