Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pickin a Winner

Drumroll please.....

I used to pick a winner.... (hahahaha! no really...the giveaway winner, not the other kind of winner)

And the winner is #4 = Tammy at In Stitches!

If you haven't met Tammy, she creates custom window treatments for interior designers and homeowners.  She is my hero, and I'm sure she cringes at some of my mis-treatments!  Maybe one day I will learn to sew.  Until then, me and fabric glue will get along fine!

Congrats to Tammy on winning the $25 CSN Giveaway!  (Tammy-I'll email you with details)
Thank you to my friends and new friends for participating in my first ever giveaway!  Thank you for following and all your sweet comments!


  1. Thanks so much Judith ! I'm off to do some shopping...... :)

  2. Congrats to Tammy...they have some great stuff!!!!