Monday, February 28, 2011

Black & White Love

My friend Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures is having a Black & White Photo Linky Party so I thought I would join in!


I am so addicted to changing my pictures to black and white.  I love how you can change the look of a picture with a click of the button.   I change the majority of my pictures to black and white.  I plan for my photo walls to be all black and whites. 

Simple.  Cohesive.  Classic.

Taking something and making it my own makes gives me such a rush of satisfaction. There is something about the control factor I guess?  It's the same way with being able to edit pictures.

I love Picasa. It's quite an addiction as well. I love to take pictures...but I am an amateur at best. I've learned a few tricks here and there...but Picasa makes me feel like a pro.

I could show you dozens of pictures I have changed to black and white.  But I wanted to show you one of my recent favorites.

This was taken at a friend's princess birthday party.  There is a lot going on in this picture.  All the bright colors...the ugly floor...and a princess who would not be still or look at the camera.  (I think I have scarred her for life)

After cropping the face, I used the Straighten mode to un-tilt her head a bit. Then used the soft focus. 

I love this picture. 

(If she were only this angelic all of the time :)


  1. Wow. That photo is so dreamy and angelic like for sure. It doesn't even seem like it came from the purple photo. I have photoshop elements, but I still use Picasa for lots of editing. It is a great tool.

  2. That is beautiful! Love how you edited that.

  3. You did a great job on this've got to frame it!

  4. Cute photo. She does look like and angel now. I see you like thrift store shopping, so I'll see what else you're up to!

  5. Very cute picture. I have just spent the day working on my photo gallery pictures. I am having a hard tome narrowing it down. I have too many pictures, I think...

    Little Blue Chairs

  6. as I was scrolling I was thinking to myself... all of that lovely color? why would you want to make it black and white! but my oh my, when I saw it, I understood! It's a gogeous picture of a very pretty princess!