Monday, February 28, 2011

Changing the Couch

When I first purchased our couch + chair 1/2, I thought it was what I wanted.  It was a compulsive buy.  When it was delivered I knew it was the wrong choice.  Dang those florescent lights at Ashley!  I thought it was green.  It's more of a taupe-y green.  I've never liked it against the Asian Jute walls.  It's also too contemporary for my taste.  The salesman said there was no returns.  (probably because he had 5 kids!)

Fast forward 5 years and 2 toddlers later (don't forget the dog), the need for a darker color is a necessity.

Because I am cheap thrifty, and the couch is functional (omg I can't believe I said that--what is wrong with me?! quick--take my temp!), I'm going to try the slipcover option.

A lot of you awesome girls are great seamstresses.  But I doubt I can make a slipcover with fabric glue, so I'm am going the purchase route.

Believe me when I say I have spent HOURS researching options online.  It's just my luck that this couch and chair 1/2 + ottoman are BEASTS in the slipcover world.  I'm going to have to purchase a loveseat cover for the chair.

I've narrowed it down to two options:

Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-piece Sofa Slipcover in Chocolate
Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Slipcover Sofa
Ok- so from what I can tell this is not a twill, but it seems like it's not a thick pique, either.  Our couch has a courduroy feel, so I'm trying to get away from that.  I want plain, plain, plain. And smooth.  (btw--I know the bookcases have to imagine brown couch with photo wall behind it)

My next pick that will fit a 91" couch is the Maytex Piped Twill.  Just my luck it doesn't come in a Chocolate.  This is called Linen.
Maytex Piped Twill 2-Piece Slipcover Sofa
But I feel like I would be OCD with the kids and food on this color couch.

My ultimate plan for this room is to lighten it up (window treatments + accessories) and cool it down (paint color) and the same time.  Does that make sense? gut is to go with the chocolate brown.

What do you think?  
Comments and suggestions welcome!


  1. Go dark.

    I think you may have the same "tan/wall color" issue if you go light.

    I just got a free couch on craigslist. Dun dun dun.. we shall see how much TLC it needs!

  2. Chocolate brown!!! If you're ever ready to purchase a new couch, we got a great deal on our from a man in Olive Branch at a STEAL!!! We finally went with leather...4 kids...3 cats...a dog...yup, you can only imagine what our old one looked like. Good luck! Have you heard about tucking a pvc pipe down behind the cushions to hold the cover down? It makes it super probably have, but just thought I'd say that anyway. :)

  3. I love the fact that you regarded the shame of not being able to make a slipcover with a glue gun. That...cracked me up. I say run with the chocolate...especially if that is what your gut is telling you. Plus...I think it might take away from the modern elements that you don't like about the sofa. :)


  4. Totally go with the chocolate brown! Your gut is screaming at you for a reason :0) Its so funny because we are having the reverse issue with the same "lack of sewing skills" problem hahaha. We have a chocolate brown couch that we'd love to see in a mich lighter shade :0)

  5. Go with the chocolate brown. Think of the stains that will never be seen!

  6. I agree- if you are getting the chocolate brown vibe than that is the route you should go. I think I know what you are saying by lightening it up.

    Looking forward to seeing then installed.