Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Covington Wilmington Love

When I posted about my window mis-treatments in my Lipstick Kitchen makeover, I received a lot of compliments and questions about the fabric I used.

(yes, I painted my kitchen twice in 6 months)

The best price I found for the Covington Wilmington Multi fabric is at OnlineFabricStore.net.  Right now, the price per yard is $14.25.

Since then, I have seen this fabric around bloggyland and thought I would feature some of the posts I found.

I love her gray walls, and pops of color in the furniture. 

I must have a piece of green furniture in the kitchen now!

Claire at High Gloss Blue used it in her Living Room Makeover.
  Photo by Sarah Dorio

Random Thoughts of a Supermom used it on her pillows on her new bench.

More pillows at A Delightful Design

Cindy at Some Really Neat Stuff used it in her breakfast room, too. 
And by the way--I SO want a couch in my breakfast nook!!


Check out Modern Cottage's Bench

I love how the polka dot pillow coordinates with the Covington Wilmington!

Alison used it for pillows, too.

Heidi at Budget Wise Home used it for her office window valence and seat covers

What's your favorite fabric?


  1. wow! who knew it'd be so popular! :)

  2. Hello,
    I am glad you found me! Because now I have found you. I am now a follower of yours! I would love to answer any questions about being a shop keeper you might have!

  3. OK I just have to say that I ordered this fabric from online fabric store at the end of December and I finally called and canceled my order THIS WEEK b/c I still had not received it! I called 3 times and every single time they said we just got a shipment and we are sending it to you and then I would never get it. I was SO mad so if anyone knows where else I can get this please tell me. I want to use it for a valance in my kitchen but I'm not buying it from online fabric after that awful experience cheap or not. Suckers!!!

  4. Wow, that is beautiful fabric, it's just gorgeous. Too bad I can't sew, I'd sooo do that for my living room! I like how you found it all over blogland and put this post together too.

  5. I bought my Wilmington at Lewis & Sheron in Atlanta (http://lsfabrics.com/), but I have linked to Online Fabric as a source many times. Had no idea they were so spotty and am sorry to hear it.

    Still love the fabric! Thanks for featuring me, Judith and all 3 kids are beautiful!

  6. Thanks for featuring my Wilmington curtains on your blog. I got my fabric at onlinefabricstore.net for under $14.00 a yard because I ordered over 10 yards. Calico Corners also carries it and you can order online. I found two down filled pillows like those shown in your post at Marshalls for $19.99 each. I planned to make some but LOVED it that I don't have to. I think I'll use the extra fabric in a screen/room divider that I have if there's enough.

    I love Wilmington because it's in pretty, contemporary colors but the pattern is a modern take on colonial design so it works equally well in traditional and contemporary interiors.

    1. Cindy,
      I too found some Wilmington Covington Robins Egg throw pillows at TJ Max and loved them so much I am now looking online for fabric to purchase. This blog is SOOO helpful. I am looking for drape style and the best place to find the fabric.

  7. love the pillows on that bench! I'm really just now starting to get into my own style and branch out! I just "pinned" some pillow fabric in my nursery group on pinterest today.....

    I'm going to try to be more creative w/ this nursery...bold w/ colors...and see where that goes!


  8. I also used this fabric in my home office. I LOVE it so much. Would love you to come check it out.

  9. I have been wanting to make pillows with my leftover fabric, but wasn't sure about the placement. I have some ideas now. Thanks!

  10. Oh my gosh....I am in LOVE with this fabric. I am almost ill over it and WISH I could find some pillows..so fabric...SOMETHING.

    Where the heck have I been?


  11. Your blog is so helpful and I LOVE your drapes in your kitchen. I am looking at purchasing the Robins Egg Blue fabric from Wilmington Covington but looking for best prices. I thought I may be able to make the drapes myself, although, the more I look at the styles, especially your drapes in your kitchen, I may hire it out. Oh, can anyone give me on some decorating tips? I am looking to have drapes made for my bedroom and I also need a bed skirt. Should I do these in the same fabric? The throw pillows I found at TJ Max (made from the Wilmington Covington Robins Egg fabric). Thanks for your help! Lvoe your blog. Heidi elizabeth_heidi@yahoo.com