Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was at Ross last week and happened upon a canvas painting that I loved!  I rarely find pictures that I like.  I guess that is why I gravitate to more accessories like sconces & iron for the walls.

I was a good girl and walked out without it.  (which by the way is a huge thing for this compulsive shopper)

But I couldn't stop thinking about it.  It's not like Kirkland's where you know the probability of something being there later is higher.  But with Ross, someone could pick it up and you will never find something like that again.

I've got the 5-year itch to paint and change things up in the entryway and den, and I thought the canvas was a great inspiration piece.  It would also go in my master bedroom re-do plan if needed.

So when Monday rolled around, I had a few minutes to spare before I picked up the kids.  If the painting was there, it was meant to be.  If not, well, that was fine, I could get it out of my head.

It was there.

So I picked it up and checked out. 

As I carried it out to the car I thought, I hope this fits in my trunk.  Surely it will.

1st try, negative.  I turned it and tried to put it in again. 


No worries.  I'll put it in the backseat. 


Maybe I'll try the other side of the backseat. 


Let me try the trunk again.  Maybe I'm not holding my tongue right.


Front seat? (long shot, but you never know!)


Well I sure wasn't taking the thing back in!  It's going home with me one way or another.

(by the way, it was REALLY cold and windy, and luckily it had stopped raining.  I'm sure someone was in the parking lot watching me from their car laughing their butts off at me fighting with this big a** picture)

So I finally put it back in the trunk, even though the trunk would not close.  And of course no string, but I didn't care.  I would wing it.  I drove very carefully to pick up the kids, and back home with the trunk open...hoping that I wouldn't hit too many bumps to make the trunk lid bounce and crack the frame.  (Heck, even if it did crack I could glue it back together!)

So here is the picture hanging in my entryway for the moment.  It measures 39" x 39" square.

So now (for future reference) I know the trunk can only hold about 37" in width.
Good to know.

I would love to hear your determination stories of getting something home!


  1. LOL! this is an awesome story. ;) I have several of these but most recently, I've been trying to cram as many scrap pallets into the back of my minivan as I can... this lead to awkwardness and at one point, I just burst out laughing at myself. One of the neighbor boys was watching me struggle with this, and when I started laughing he did too.. it was kinda sweet.
    (Hopefully someday when he's a big boy he'll help a lady out!)

  2. WOW! Love that canvas...I can see why you were wanting that! My determination story happened this week involved a vintage chest that I bought but could not find anyone to help me move it home...hubby was out of town...but I got it done!

  3. No determinations story but HOLY WOW do I love that canvas. It's perfect for an entry! what a find!

  4. STUNNING!! love it!! def worth the trunk fight! :)

  5. It is a GORGEOUS picture!! I know why you were determined to get it home. :)

    I wish I could find something like has the exact colors I'm redoing my living in!!! (Oh, shhhh, I haven't let that cat out of the bag yet. LOL)

    Heck, I might use YOUR picture as my inspiration piece. LOL

    You can read my determination story her: :)

  6. You go girl! That was a great find and a must have for sure. Makes me want to go to Ross and see what they have later today . . .

  7. Forgot to tell my "determination to get something home" story. Went to Burlington to look at baby furniture when I was about 7 mos. pregant and found a dresser that had to come home with me to use as a dresser and changing table. Paid for the dresser and had the guys bring it out to load it up in my car - a Honda Civic! Hormones must have seriously clouded my judgement to think a dresser is going to fit in the trunk or backseat of a Honda Civic. Of course, it wouldn't fit so the guys took it back in the store to hold for me. Then I went to Home Depot and rented a truck and went right back to Burlington to get the dresser. (The truck was $20 for one hour). So again, in my hormonal thinking pattern, I did not consider how to get it off the truck at our house on a weekday when my husband is at work. And no male neighbors around either. But we have a little brick retaining wall between our driveway and the neigbors . . . managed to get the truck even with the neighbors high side of the retaining wall. Then I pushed, pulled and scooted the huge box onto the grass. (I'm sure my ob dr. would have been horrified to know about this and I myself was horrified after the fact.) Returned the truck to Home Depot within the hour! When my husband got home, showed him the dresser sitting in a huge box next to our driveway and he looked at me like I was crazy. On a side note, when we brought the dresser up to the baby room, we left the front door open and the dog, Buster, jailbroke for a little while. But the dresser looks great and will for many, many years!