Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diary of a Working Mom {January}

Hey there!  Thank you to everyone who has made comments on my new blog layout.  I've taken a lot of your advice, and tweaking some things. 

And while tweaking, I started reading through my Diary of a Working Mom posts.  This blog started out as an outlet to talk about my kids, then evolved into decorating on the thrift, with a mix of family.  Thus, the blog title - Creating Balance. 

So I thought I would start a monthly 'Diary of a Working Mom' post.  Just a glimpse into my other world and other struggles, besides photo walls and paint colors.  Sometimes I might vent, ask for advice, or just show some pics of the month.

(NOW--JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR:  ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS.  There are moms who work inside the home (major props to you), and moms who work outside the home.  We both have our different sets of struggles, stresses, and guilts-- but at the end of the day, we ALL are working our butts off.)

The quick and dirty: I happen to work outside the home.  I am a HR Rep for a large multi-hospital healthcare system in Memphis.  I work at our flagship hospital with about 2000+ employees.  The days are fast-paced and employee problems are constant.  Stressful is a good word.  I'm pretty much mentally exhausted by the end of the day.  I give answers and recommendations to hard questions all day long.  But oh the stories I could tell!  I REALLY want to tell ya'll a story about what happened today, but there is this confidentiality thing about working in HR. I love ya'll, but I love my paycheck, too. back to the January re-cap:

On the work end: steady.  Not too incredibly busy.  (knock on wood). 

I have passed the torch in leading the Moms group at church.  It was a hard decision, but my plate is full with work and kids.  It's just not the season right now.  I can't commit 100%.  But I will still participate.  I love all those girls!!!  (shout out to Faith Mommies!)

Did I tell ya'll I went to a NYE wedding in Dallas?  Me, the kiddos, and my 'rents celebrated my cousin's wedding.  Here is a pic of Katie, me, and M.  I wish you could see my $8 cocktail dress from Plato's closet! 

My pics didn't turn out good b/c my ISO setting was way off.  Me and Moose danced all night.  He wouldn't let me put him down.  Definition of a good cardio workout:  Doing the casper slide and cupid shuffle with a 30 pound Moose in high heels!  Wowza my arms were sore the next day!

While we were in Dallas, I got to see my sister from another mother, Kate.  But I told ya'll about that here.  (by the way, Kate just did a knock off Pottery Barn Egan mirror.  I can't wait for her reveal & tutorial.  (ahem, hint, hint.)

The next weekend we had another wedding to attend.  One of the girls I used to babysit got married.  Here is me and hubby...woo-hoo!  Night out with no kids!

In that family, there are 2 boys and 2 girls.  I didn't get a picture with the bride, but here is me and Ali, the bride's sister.  How cute is that bridesmaid dress with the pockets?!!   And my $5 dress came from Goodwill! 

I've just re-discovered headbands.  I'm addicted now. 
And by the way--I did lead the train at the reception.

This month we have had some snow days.  But unfortunately, I have no PTO because I used a lot of it in December.  And I take days when the kids are sick.  So daddy got to have some snow days with them!  On the first snow day, I only had 1 instruction: TAKE PICTURES!   And he did!

Hubby said Moose would NOT wear a hat.  He only wanted to wear his Woody hat!

They built a snowman!

A Neighbor's snowmanwoman(?)

Another neighbor's snowman

Frick and Frack
Wet boots!

Then from snow to 70 degrees within the week...only in the South!

Finally, here is a sneak peek of our night-time routine.  Cuddling with the kids...
Look how Moose cuddles with Da-da!

By the way--got a steal on this Pottery Barn Train bedding.  $40 for quilt, sham, & 2 sets of sheets!

Speaking of cuddling, I'm off to bed now.  But I won't be cuddling with anyone.  It's 1:20 a.m. and hubby is still on a SWAT call.  And I've got a 8:30 a.m. Unemployment hearing.  JOY!


  1. Oh Judith! That was awesome! So well written...I am going to love this feature!! Keep it up....God bless! The kids are so the way moose cuddles with Dad!

  2. I'm so tired by the time I get home from work that I don't do anything except sit around in my pjs. I save most of the cleaning for the weekend. I squeeze in reading, tv watching, games with the kids, playdates, and such, but OMG... it's hard.

  3. What an inspiration thank you