Tuesday, February 1, 2011

French Provential Nightstand Makeover

When my Nana passed away last year, I inherited her French Provential desk and hutch, and a nightstand.

The desk and hutch are still in the attic, waiting for some love. (it's coming, I promise)  And M is using the nightstand.

I've been planning on painting the pieces, but just waiting for inspiration to hit. 

I was surfing through Emily Clark and saw this post of from Southern Comfort's french provential dresser makeover

Sara did a great job.  How awesome is this before and after?!

Photo from Southern Comfort
Photo from Southern Comfort

Can't wait to get started on the nightstand.

Dear Lord: Thank you for blogs.  Amen.


  1. Aren't you sweet?!?! :) Thanks for such kind words about our dresser makeover - I had my doubts as to whether that dresser could be revamped, but I figured if it didn't work it was only $20 wasted! I've been thrilled with how it turned out - we're currently working on revamping another dresser for my daughter's room in the same color, I'll be sure to post pics of that one, too. Again, thanks for the compliments and thanks for becoming a new follower!!

  2. Looks great, I can't wait to see the other pieces!

  3. What a great color! I would have never been brave enough for it but seeing it now, it looks terrific.

  4. love the potential these little sets have! think we all must have owned a piece or two of that style, at some point in our lives. :)
    pop over and see the dresser makeover i featured today{Lindy @ Cottage Hill}, for some more great inspiration! btw.. i'm your newest follower! :P