Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inventory & Seeing the forest through the trees

Ya'll have heard me talk about my photo wall plans....and the decision between gallery walls vs. shelves...and deciding on what wall to put the photos.

The other day while rummaging around my storage in my bookcases, I thought, dang, I've got a lot of frames.  Last weekend we re-arranged our bedroom, and I found another slew of frames I had forgotten about under the bed.

After we re-arranged the bedroom, there is a big open wall now...along with an open wall in the hallway and den. 

(don't judge the bedroom--I haven't done anything with it 5yrs.  I will post about this soon)

Then it clicked...

All this time when planning these photo walls, I had just planned to hit the goodwill and pick up some frames. (because that's what everyone else in bloggy land does, right?)

Well tonight I decided to take inventory.  Here is what I've got:

(7) 10x13
(9) 8x10
(14) 5x7
(8) 4x6
(4) 3.5x5

(will christmas ever go away?  ugh I keep finding stuff!)

42 frames lying around.  And that doesn't count frames I have in the attic.  And all the round chargers and plates in the attic, too.  (Hi my name is Judith and I think I may be a borderline hoarder)

Ya think I've got enough for 3 or 4 walls?  I'm thinking so. 

But you know what I'm really excited about?  The fact that I can equally split the number of different size frames for each wall.  This makes my OCD side very happy.

Shelves would be a good option for me.  But the reality of me building some shelves in the near future is pretty slim.

Ya'll know my timelines for projects are pretty slow.  But this is a start. 

Where's my spraypaint??


  1. awesome! i'd say you're more than ready! :)

  2. I am working on a gallery wall as well, but I just figured out I need to buy about 42 frames. How many did you say you had??