Friday, February 25, 2011

Living Room Tour

I wish I had more discipline to focus more.  I would probably get more projects accomplished if I would just pick one room and finish it.  But instead, I piddle from one room to another.  It's more fun that way.

I piddled with my dining room last month. 

Now on to the living room (or is it den?  idk)...  I'm calling it the living room, because that is where we live.  And more recently, the space that I am craving some change in.  To say that I am tired of the gold/red/green color scheme is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Here is your 25 cent tour:

View from entryway into den

In the furniture store, my couch + chair looked like a darker green.  Yeah...never been too pleased with the color against the asian jute walls.  Trying to find some brown slipcovers...

I love these mis-treatments. 
But I think I may need to lighten-up a bit, and get rid of the black paisley.

I am never satisfied with the mantle...

(Hi my name is Judith and I am an accessory addict)

M made a 'flag' the other night...The toy chest and sofa table haven't made it into the attic yet...
A photo wall will replace the iron. 
But I think I may like the sofa table there with 2 lamps? hmmm....

The wall color is called Asian Jute.  I had it color-matched a Farrell Calhoun 5 years ago.  It's ok, but it's time to change.  And especially since hubby put in new halogen/flourescent light bulbs.  Holy cow!  It is bright in there!  I keep asking him what wattage the bulbs are?!  I've got to cool down this room.  I want to paint it a neutral Latte from Sherwin Williams.

I'll be doing more molding boxes below the chair-rail.  With the tall ceilings, I need to ground the space more.

Did you see TDC's new partnership with MyDesign Guide?  I registered, and took the Stylefinder quiz.  My style is Traditional/Rustic/Romantic/Asian.  I knew I was traditional/rustic.  I'm trying to add some romantic in the bedroom.  But I'm not sure where Asian comes into play?     

As a part of this new site, they are offering a free Quick Fix consultation on one room in your house.  I picked our living room/den and uploaded pics to their site.  We shall see what they say!  I will let you know!

But I want your thoughts, too.  What do you think of the layout of the room?  Does it need to be flip-flopped?  Do you like the double Thomasville bookcases?  Are they too big?   I'd love to hear feedback from more sets of eyes.

Let me have it...


  1. first of all.. what a great space! {i do believe our fireplaces are nearly identical! i hate how high my mantel is.. so difficult to SEE what you put up there, unless you're standing!:P }
    i can see that you're definitely traditional, and your room is very warm & inviting. i think your idea to cool it down, would be nice change for you, for spring/summer. the bookcases are great! so i have a thought.. it looks like the sofa table {soon to be gallery wall} is directly across from the fireplace? if so, might you consider moving the bookcases there, to balance out the scale with the fireplace & windows? then, your gallery wall could be in the old bookcase space.. giving a clear view from your entry way. otherwise, i think your layout works well. :)

  2. Well, I think your room is beautiful!

    But I do understand the need for change (especially since I just posted about changing mine yesterday.) :)

    I really like the bookcases. But I think since lightening is your goal for this room, I think the room will lighten considerably if you removed them. They definitely have a very heavy look (not that that's bad, but it sounds you kind of what to move away from that look).

    I think your layout if fine the way it is.

    It's hard to tell by just a picture, but is it possible to put the sofa table where the bookshelves currently are? And the bookshelves where the sofa table is?

    I'm not positive that would work, because again, even if they fit, the shelves just might be too dark and heavy for that wall...but it might be worth a try.

    Good luck!! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)