Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Couch update {good news & bad news}

First the bad news:

A couple of weeks ago I shared my possible plan to change the couch up with a slipcover.  I listened to you, and bought the brown.  I purchased a sofa and a loveseat cover.

(There are no pictures to show you this process.  Me and hubby are sharing a camera right now because the Moose has hidden my memory stick.  He took it out of the computer and now it's gone.  So hubby took the camera when he went metal detecting on Saturday. You'll just have to use your imagination.)

The loveseat cover worked good on the chair 1/2.  Nice change.  Wished it was twill, but it was ok.

On to the couch.  Here is a visual about the slipcover on the beast couch: imagine 3 pigs wrestling in a slipcover. 

Yep, it wasn't pretty.  The back of the couch is 3 cushions.  And to describe it as lumpy under the slipcover is an understatement. 

The description said it would fit up to 96".  My couch is 93".  Um, no.

For giggles I tried to put the seat cushions in the separate separate seat cover.  Negative.  Zipper broke.

Sigh.  I'm glad I can return to JC Penay.

The good part about this trial is that it was an excuse to vacuum the couch under the seat cushions. (I found a dollar!)  And an excuse to go ahead and wash the seat cushion covers.  (I also found where someone has been wiping their cheeto fingers between the cushions!)

Here is the good news:   I think I just might be ok on this couch color situation.  Here is why...

I've been planning to re-paint the den Latte from SW.  (I used Latte in the Kitchen and Dining Room)  I painted the fireplace wall last night just to make sure.  And guess what?  The couch changed colors.  Yep.  Up against the wall, it doesn't look like a weird taupey sage.  It looks like a normal beige/taupe. 

Hallelujah!  I've been fighting this battle for years.  I've known that the couch and the current Asian Jute did not compliment each other.  I've tried to make it work.  Do I still want a new couch?  Well, yes, of course.  But hopefully I won't have to fight the beast too much going forward.

Now...do they make 20 foot ladders for my 20' walls??  Time to get to paintin'... 


  1. lol.. great description! isn't it amazing how a paint color CAN change the appearance of our furniture!! happy for ya, that you can make the beast work a bit longer! :)

  2. Nice that it is just a paint color switcheroo- sorry to hear about the 20 walls.

  3. Oh my I wish I could have seen a photo. You're description was hilarious! Our living room vaults up to 20 feet. We just used a ladder with an extension to paint.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the Nate Show! And for permission to stay on my cloud!