Friday, March 4, 2011

Heading for the Border

Not.  I wish I was heading for the border.  Momma needs a vacay.

Instead...I'm heading for this border-

(I'll explain the bedding and window treatments in other posts.
Just know that the olive green treatments went with another bedding set.)

Dear 1988,
REALLY?  Seriously?  Did you have to showcase the wallpaper border?  Who puts a chair rail 5 inches from the ceiling?  (probably a man)  I can only imagine the decor in this room back then.  Ugh.

no love from me

First, let me give a little background on the master bedroom.  Oh wait.  There is none.  It hasn't been touched.  I am finally starting this master bedroom journey, and I hope you will go along for the ride.  I'll be asking for a lot of advice down the road, so be prepared.  ok?  ok. 

For five years I have gone to sleep at night looking at this molding.  I want to rip it down.  Hubby is scared of how much it might damage the walls. 

Ok.  I gotta work with it. 

I bought some border (so weird) at Lowe's.  I kept checking around me to make sure no one was watching.  I can hear the whispers now...'omg that girl just picked up a roll of border?  That is so 1988.'  (yes I have a weird imagination)

My idea is to paint it white. Maybe it will look like molding and not border?

Style Selections Bge Scrolling Leaf 5" Text Wallpaper Border
Yes?  No?  Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?



  1. Not sure why you need the border paper? Here's an idea, just paint the wall above the molding white and then add more molding where it should be at the edge of the wall and ceiling. That would give the illusion of a wide piece of crown molding. And yes, I realize if you look at my house, there's no reason to put in stock in my ideas! :-)

  2. i agree with melody. either paint the strip above and add more molding or rip the other down and paint all the same.

  3. i see builders do it all the time. The have a small piece of trim at the ceiling, a larger one a few inches below, and they paint the wall to match the trim. It does give the appearance of larger moulding. Good luck with it!

  4. I'm clueless! I'm a builder NOT a decorator. Maybe you could try painting it first, and then if you don't like it, put the paper up? But I really don't know. :)
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. I agree with those above. My parents have really tall ceilings in their dining room and the builder did this. Just add a piece of trim a the top and paint the middle. Their builder used the same high gloss in the middle that he did for the trim. Looks great and unless you get up close, which you don't because the ceilings are so tall, you would never know.

  6. Paint it white. It'll look like wide molding. I did it all over our house. No one will be the wiser... ;-)