Friday, March 18, 2011

My Design Guide-Quick Fix

A few weeks ago I gave you a tour of our den/living room (whatever you want to call it).  Ya'll gave me great feedback and ideas.  Just for giggles, I submitted the den for a Free Quick Fix at My Design Guide.

Here is their feedback:

Your Stylefinder Profile is Traditional with an appreciation for Asian, Romantic and Rustic styles, and your preferred color palette is earth tones. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique design style and solve the problems you shared with us.

This is our MyDesignGuide quick fix. It gives you great answers to small design problems at a great price. For a more comprehensive solution, order the the My Design Guide Standard Custom Room Design. 

We love the vaulted ceilings, and the fireplace is a much sought after feature in a home. The challenges of this room are to create a cozy, comfortable, and welcoming space using color, pattern, art and accessories. To address these problems we are recommending:

•Paint is an inexpensive way to transform the appearance of a room and create a fresh, new look. We've chosen a light green color that will coordinate with the green accessories you have throughout the room.

Spring Hill by Behr

(hmmm...will have to see how this looks in person.  I'm going for more of a beigey neutral, with brown undertones)

•We love the shelving unit/china cabinet you have in the room. Consider removing about half of the accessories to help give the room the calm, cozy look you are seeking. Less is more. Your room will feel more cozy and complete with a fewer number of large décor items rather than lots of little pieces.

(Yes, this I know.  I'm an accessory addict (it's hereditary), and will be going through re-hab soon.  The bookcases are currently listed on Craigslist)

•Every room needs at least three sources of light. You have 2 that we can see in the pictures. In addition, lights must be large enough to shine on the space at hand, but not too large for the table they sit on. Think about adding some table lamps to your end tables and possibly a ceiling fixture if you don't already have one.

(I have added a lamp to the tv dresser, and will add a lamp(s) on the table/sideboard that will replace the bookcases)

•Area rugs are the fastest way to change the mood or character of a room whether you are looking for a way to add those finishing touches to a new room or revitalize a not so new room. They also provide warmth and pattern to a room. We've selected a new rug that will coordinate nicely with the new paint color and is very much of the european/collected over time genre.

(I'm scouting a new rug.  Our current black is weighing me down.  The rug above is $550.  My budget is about $500 less than that.)

•Art and accessories are important in making a room feel finished and complete. Not only do they make the room interesting to look at, but they help to reflect the design style you are trying to achieve. Consider the My Design Guide Art and Accessory Plan. This plan will identify all the art, lighting and accessories you need to complete the room.
Consider accent pillows and accessories that are a more orange-red color rather than red to incorporate the fireplace brick color with the rest of the room creating that has been created over time, but is cohesive.
(I'm actually going with navy accent pillows.  I want to incorporate more blues and browns.  I've had red throw pillows for so long, I'm a little tired of it.  But I've got PLENTY of red accessories.)

In this room molding boxes below the chair rail will not add as much style as they would in another room with less furniture. Much of the chair rail and walls is covered in this particular room. While we love molding boxes - very Thrifty Decor Chick - squeezziieeessss....consider them in a dining room or stairway perhaps for more visual impact.

(After this suggestion, I've thought about it.  I may add molding boxes in the entry way only, then up the stairwell.)

So that's the extent of the free quick fix.  I didn't expect a lot of input for free!  But a few nuggets to go on.  If you haven't been to My Style Guide, go check them out.  They offer a lot of services for reasonable price points.

On a related subject, I did buy some new window treatments from World Market

Azra Floral Curtain Panel | World Market

Our World Market closed, so we'll have to see how they look in person.  Hopefully I'll get them this weekend.

We've been working on the Teenager's room this week.  Hope to show you the before and after soon.  Have a great weekend!


  1. actually I was totally thinking that you should do a color just like that. Maybe b/c I want to do a color like that too! But I don't know that i ever will simply b/c we would have to redo almost the whole house b/c we have such an open floor plan. But I agree - you need to see it in person. Have you watched Parenthood? The couple (with the kids with asbergers) house has a blue/gray/green and I WANT THAT COLOR IN MY HOUSE. BECAUSE it goes with every color! They have a red hutch in the dining room and it looks awesome. blue/gray/green is the new beige. DO IT.

  2. well, I have never heard of them (my style market) but I'm not surprised since I'm not into decorating. LOL I sort of have my own (no) style.
    Great advice for free, and I like that paint color. But if it's not for you...
    great thoughts about the moulding... being covered up. Hadn't thought of it that way.
    great post!

  3. Fun to see what they said...I saw those curtains at World Market...I really like them..I think you will too!