Monday, March 14, 2011

Portrait Party

Tracey's Trinkets and Treasures is having another photo party!!  Last week was the Black & White photo party.  This week--a Portrait Party.

Portrait Linky Party
Here are a few portraits I have taken.  (of course with the help of Picasa!) 


With some tuning

And B&W


with some tuning

Then adjusted the color temperature


Tuning + Color Temperature + Film Grain + Soft Focus

You can even make a portrait out of random photos...not just head shots.  Here is the one I showed you last week when I linked up to the Black & White Photo party.

Cropped + Straighted + B&W + Soft Focus

Do you see my profile picture on the top right?  Here is the original taken in December, by the princess herself.  We were having a tea party in the kitchen floor.

After a crop and B&W--
Who would have thought a 4 year old took this?

Here is a picture of the Moose from the pumpkin patch one year.


(A Professional tip I heard:  Use the rule of 1/3 when you can.  Gives the photo more interest)

B&W + Soft Focus

For the portrait party, you can enter a portrait of a subject, or a self-portrait.  Read Tracey's Self Portrait post here. 

I've never used the self-timer setting for a self-portrait.  And unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to try before this party.  So I'll show you my spin on self-portaits.

If you know me pretty well, you know that I have no shame in taking a self-portrait.  I think it started way back when during the 35mm camera days.  I would put my film in, close the cover, then wind the film until your setting said you were on picture number 1.  Remember that?  But just for good measure, I would always take the first picture of myself.  I don't know why...I just did. 

Please know that I did not save these for vain purposes.  When I would get my film developed, I always tossed the first pic of me in my dresser, and I still use that dresser now.  It's almost like a time capsule.  I can put a time stamp on each of these different hair styles--high school through college.  Please don't be intimidated by my rare beauty.  It's a curse.  (um, that's a joke)

Ok.  So maybe I'm a little vain.  Who isn't?  This one is my favorite.  Senior prom.  Man I wish my arms looked like that now!!!  Where did those indentions go??

I still take self portraits for fun...especially if I'm having a good hair day!

I love taking self portraits with other people.  Those are the most fun.  I try to crop out my arm as much as I can, so it looks like someone else took it.  Sometimes successful.  Sometimes not.  But here are just a few to show you. 

Obviously, I'm no professional, but I know the key to great portraits (whether it's a self portrait, or a portrait of someone else) is to be OUTSIDE.  And snap away.  You might have to take 20 shots just to get one good one.  Then use whatever photo editing software you like ( I like Picasa because it's FREE) to edit. 

Don't be afraid to crop and play around with the tuning features.  Most of the time, I don't tune, I just crop and change it to black and white.  You can never go wrong with B&W. 

I hope you jump over to the Portait Party.  Be sure and enter by Wednesday night.  I know one of the judges.  She is a pretty cool chick.


  1. You do a really good job of editing and taking shots. I love the drawer for of self shots. I was smiling from ear to ear on that. You are very beautiful and I don't think a bad photo can be taken of you. Thanks for judging this week. I hope you link these to the party!

  2. Those are wonderful Judith!....Moose is so cute, can I pinch his cheeks? The Princess is a doll, what else can I say!!! Thanks for sharing, you do great work!

  3. You always take good pictures! Guess the Princess is just following in your footsteps in taking pics and posing. The one of us looks good in b/w - need to do that more often to my own pics.

  4. Wow, your photos brought back a lot of good, fun memories. I remember all those looks! Love it! Friends Forever:)

  5. I love all your self-portraits! What a fun drawer!

  6. Great photos...ALL of them!!!

  7. These suck I hate them all I could do better with my eyes closed!!!

  8. portrait parties Quite better in one word.You should capture more better I hope you will an go ahead.......