Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Door Bucket

I haven't made any flower arrangements since the fall, when I updated my door bucket, and made another door bucket for my friend.

While I was at the dollar store this weekend, I picked up a few sprigs of spring colors to use with what I already have.

Here is last year's bucket...

And here is my Spring 2011 bucket...

This is another one of those times when things look different when you take a picture...I see a few areas that could use some tweaking.  But I love the blue hydrangea with the coral and yellow.  I might edit it later...but for now (because it's 30 freakin degrees today) it's good. 

I had most everything on hand.  Update cost: $4 for 2 bushes of the coral flowers, and 2 bushes of the blue hydrangea.

Come on spring!!


  1. I love the blue hydrangea! did ya tweak it? That always happens when I see pics. They show things we didn't see with our naked eye, huh?
    looks great!