Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrifting with Hubby

I left work early the other day and tried to get some errands done.  (you know--important errands--fabric store, antique mall, goodwill...)

At the antique store, I picked up a couple of table runners...

Tablerunner: $4

And this cute rabbit tray: $7

I was leaving the antique store and hubby called.  He was actually at the goodwill buying a vest for his civil war impersonator wardrobe.  (yes, just like Sweet Home Alabama)  He wanted to ask what the colored tags meant, and how did you know how much something is?  (haha).  I told him I was just leaving work.  So I hurred down to the GW and surprised him.  He was in the furniture section.  I was like, excuse me, you need to get off my territory! 

Of course I am used to breezing through the aisles...I know what I am looking for.  I had gone through all the aisles and he was still on the 2nd one.  He was excited to show me a thigh master, and men's NIB cup (grody).  So I slowed down and went through the aisles again with him.  I hadn't picked anything up at first.  But when I slowed down, my arms started getting full. 

Here are my thrifty treasures.

(other table runner from the antique store)

I can't resist an owl.  He'll get a coat of spraypaint $2
Candleholder: $2

White basket/bowl: $4

I loved this yellow glass vase: $3

Turquoise gravy boat?/saucer: $4

Hubby found a vest for his civil war wardrobe $2

And some taper candles for his lantern

The best part about it (other than spending time with hubby at GW), is that he picked up the tab! Woo hoo! Thanks for supporting the habit, hun!

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  1. That hilarious. My husband would not know what to do in Goodwill. Great finds. Love that little white bowl. Maybe you've converted him and he'll want to go with you every time.

  2. I shop much quicker when I do not take the man along, and when I move slower I also pick up more. (and blow the budget) Still I do not want to complain as he is handy to do the heavier lifting and i can look at items I would not consider if I had to carry them myself.
    I am glad he found the vest he was looking for. It is hard to go thrifting with a definite item in mind.

  3. Hilarious! I love your finds! You make everything look so appealing!

  4. That bunny dish is soooo cute! And I'm loving that he called you to find out what the different color tags meant - hahaha!!!

  5. Should that say "Yes Heather, like Sweet Home Alabama"? ha ha

  6. good, good, goodwill finds! love it.

  7. great finds! love that lantern btw!

  8. My hubby loves to go with, he looks just like I do trying to find a good deal! Great finds!

  9. The finds are so adorable. I love the white basket bowl...I can not wait to see what you do with the delightful treasures. :)