Monday, April 18, 2011

The Teenager Turns 16

Well, the teenager turned 16. 

I met the little toe-head when he was 5 years old.  Then hubby and I married when he was 8.  Then he came to live with us full-time when he was 10. 

I tell everyone, I probably would not have married hubby if he had a bad kid.  But T has always been so caring and sweet.  Now he has his teenager moments, and I have my step-monster moments, but overall, he's just a good kid.  (knock on wood)  He is smart, and makes honor roll each report card.  He is very active in his theatre group at school, and a great actor.  We are very proud of him.

We had originally tried to plan a surprise party, but ended up having him invite his friends.  We went with a Hollywood theme, and asked the kids to dress up a little.  You know, make it an event.

Here is his cake.  He asked for chocolate, white, and strawberry--so everyone would have a flavor they would like.  (I told you he was a good kid)

The entrance into the clubhouse... 

J & J Party Planners!
(Tyler's mom:) 

T directing everyone singing Happy Birthday to him 

A few of his friends 

Thank-you speech 


Lots of dancing with the DJ 

Even hubby and the princess danced 

Aunt Vickie, me, T's mom Jennifer, and the birthday boy 

Oh yeah...we danced, too! 

Good times!  It was fun.  He had a blast. 
You only turn 16 once, you know?


  1. Fabulous party! Looks like everyone was dancing the night away. The teenager is very lucky to have you as his stepmonster. ;-)

  2. What an awesome party! I want a Hollywood-themed party. Care to throw mine?