Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girl's Day Out

M and I were due for a much needed Girl's Day.  She is always asking 'to go somewhere'.  Everyday after school...'where are we going?'  Home, dear.  'BUT I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE!'

Keep in mind we run and gun a lot.  We are busy.  We 'go somewhere' at least 3 times a week.  So I knew she would love a girls day--just for me and her--'to go somewhere'!

When she saw me in my dress, she wanted to wear a dress like me, with a necklace like me, and wear her hair like me.  I hate to say that surprises me...but sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day grind, that I forget that she is watching me!

We were shopping for an Easter dress for her.  I had never taken her to get her nails done, so I knew she would love that.  She picked a blue glitter and purple glitter polish.  This girl knows what she wants.


I think she messed up 5/10 nails before we got out of there.  :)

We had a good day at the mall! 
One of the best moments of the day:  we were sitting down to eat our chik-fil-a in the food court, and she casually leaned over to me and gave me a kiss.  She said, I love you mommy. 
Sigh.  Ok.  I guess I'm doing ok as a mommy.  I haven't scarred her yet. 

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  1. what a fun girls day. and what a cool mom you are. miss m is so lucky!

  2. What a gorgeous dress! Please share where you got it?

  3. I didn't get it at a store :( It was at a Spring Market here in Memphis last month. If I think of the vendor, I will let you know!