Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Wedding Slumber Party!

In honor of Will & Kate's wedding, my fabulous S-I-L hosted a Royal Wedding Slumber party.  It was me (aka Lady Mary), my sis in law Vickie (aka Lady Elizabeth), my mom in law (aka the Queen Mum), my niece in law Ava (aka Lady Jane). 
(I have to be honest, and say that I really wasn't into the wedding hoop-la, until Vickie planned this party.  She even emailed hubby before she invited me, to make sure it would be ok for me to come over on a 'school night'.  Of course hubby didn't care!  He's cool like that.)
You can't have a theme party without what do you wear to a Royal Wedding Slumber party?  Why, Princess Veils, or course!  And pearls!  Lots of pearls!

Me and the Queen Mum

Lady Elizabeth

Practicing her wave



The Queen Mum photo shoot

Lady Elizabeth hosted the 'reception'

Complete with mimosas...
thanks to the Queen Mum for getting that cork out!

My other niece Kayla joined in.  Please don't mistake the smile for happiness.  She really didn't quite know what to make out of her crazy aunts and grandma.

It was actually quite something out of a horror ghost brides eating finger sandwiches and drinking mimosas by candlelight.  We couldn't stop laughing at how it all must look if someone looked into the front windows.


I think we laughed for 5 minutes before we could get this shot. 
Vickie was tripping me out with her serious looks.

Lady Jane arrives

Here we are at 1am!

And the next morning...

We had a blast!  And we laughed at ourselves...A LOT!
We can't wait till Harry gets married!
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  1. It looks like you ladies had a fabulous time. I set my alarm so I could get up and watch.

  2. You gals look amazing! I watched the Royal Wedding too. Wasn't it beautiful?!?!

  3. What a fun blog you have! I LOVE that's it's dedicated to balance. I'm all over balance too! I have a Balance Journal that I write in regularly to remind myself to get back to a place of balance. Happy decorating and living-